Marics Cabinet — Screenshots of Marics Quake 2 maps: DM, CTF, Awaken2, Insta, 007, Gunslinger, Speedway, and more… by Shon Maric Shaffer

Screenshots of Marics Quake 2 maps — DM, CTF, Awaken2, Insta, 007 Gunslinger, Speedway, Etc… Original content copyright — by Shon Maric Shaffer 2005.”

DM 1 — 100

Marics dm 1 — This was not only the first map I released but it was the very one I taught myself to use the Editor “Tread” with. It is a single-room, large ugly mess.

Marics dm 2 — I got the multi-room construction started with this one, that was the only progression. Everything else is still poorly done.

Marics dm 3 — Horrible lighting, over-scaled and poorly connected. The brush-work is a tragedy. I did work out a bit of a cohesive atmosphere though.

Marics dm 4 — My first real attempt at terrain. I did it the slow, old fashioned way. This has a little gameplay and some atmosphere… …but, no polish at all.

Marics dm 5 — My remake of the demo version of UT’s DM-Morpheus. It is ugly and lacks clip-brushes but it is still pretty fun to play now and then.

Marics dm 6 — This map more or less was an expansion on marics4. It was a step backwards, it is horrible in every way.

Marics dm 7 — Horrible lighting, broken connectivity, some poor brushwork… This is one ugly map.

Marics dm 8 — An attempt at mixing terrain, tunnels and some above ground structure.There are some parts that work… Only some!

Marics dm 9 — It still exists ONLY on my PC. This is a broken map that willnot be fixed. I had finished and named 10 before I realized this was dead…

Marics dm 10 — This is the first map where I achieved a half way decent bit of gameply. The brush work is poor, texture choices were poor, lighting is ok.





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