Blood Culture: Quake II Evolved, by Freddy Hajas — Brazil

"Tudo isso me ajudou a idealizar Blood Culture, desde minha experiência com jogos e em multiplayer em LAN, minha carreira como desenvolvedor, e meus anos que passei no [NER] e foram fundamentais para a criação de um Clan no Brasil, que é algo muito mais complicado do que lá fora devido a diversos fatores econômicos, de postura e de edução."

Backshooters — WizQ2DM1: Skywalker, by WizardExt

"Made a new map, this time for Quake 2 deathmatch. I have mainly focused on the modification Action Quake 2, but now it's time for a first release for Quake 2 deathmatch. It probably plays best with a small player load, but will probably be a lot of fun with more players. Crowded, laughing, insane. You are in a castle high up above. It's a mix between fantasy and medieval. The map is small and generous with its items and weapons. Heavy weapons on lower level and you are forced to climb the net to reach the upper lever. It features new graphics, both env's and textures. The r_speeds values are kept pretty low, so no need to upgrade machine just for this little baby. Have fun! Post comments and feedback."

Marics100 – Meretricious Denouement In March 2009, my friend (Q2 hero) Jehar of interviewed famed Quake 2 mapper Maric. They discussed what was to be Maric's final map, marics100.bsp, "Meretricious Denouement." Thankfully for the Quake 2 community, the well hadn't run dry. Thank you to Jehar, Maric and Quadz for making this video possible.  Here is a …

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