Maric’s RA2 Maps

Maric was the most prolific mapmaker I know of in the history of Quake 2.  Here are the maps Maric made for his series of RA2 maps.  Many of these are suitable for small CTF games, if we add flags. I figured it would also be valuable just to have a screen shot, name and my goofy description notes for our records.

marics_ra1 Skeet Shoot middle jump pad take off

marics_ra2 Ka’nighets Arena castles and turrets stuff brown

marics_ra3 Halt, Caution, Proceed watermelon colors curved corners nice hallways

marics_ra4 Out There Arena green and stone ramps oval windows

marics_ra5 WYSIWIG jumpy angles and diamond shaped pads

marics_ra6 Nothing Fancy tile floor stone courtyard

marics_ra7 Nuthin’ but Rails classic railz map with rectangular levels and jump pads

marics_ra8 Nocturne sewer like tunnels center canyons dark textures

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