Maric’s Insta Maps

Maric made the most maps of any Q2 mapmakers, and his style is insta recognizable. Here are screen shots and my notes on Maric’s insta maps.

marics_insta1 Oubliette big cave central rock

marics_insta2 Locus classic railz map hallway surrounding center dome

marics_insta3 Scorched flatish puzzle shaped map with raise floor

marics_insta4 Talus outside terrain ramp interior hallways like marics version chastity belt

marics_insta5 green edge space map with swimming pool looking jump pads

marics_insta6 big gnarly solid nugget with ramps

marics_insta7 arid platforms ledges railed edges

marics_insta8 Mmmm Space Donuts textures from smelter with curved earth

marics_insta9 Bastion castle with parapets go into 3 hut 4th and highest hut off limits

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