ProGamers Q2 Jump guide

Welcome to the ProGamers Q2 Jump guide

This is a guide to help new comers to Quake2 Jump, and also hopefully provide some extra information for the already proven jumpers. Just click on any of the menus at the top of the page to find the relevant jump. Each jump also has a demo showing how the jump is done as sometimes words are too little to explain something, pictures are needed!

Easy jumps

This is the easy jump section, these jumps are considered quite easy by most standards and they are the jumps that are normally done by just reaction rather than anything else. There also very easy to get to grips with and execute. OK, onto the first jump:

Crate Jump

You can download a demo of crate jumping here

More of a cheat than anything, as this is not really meant to happen but it’s possible. Firstly you need to have 100 fps (frames per second) or higher. Apparently it’s possible with slightly less, maybe around 80 or 90 but you’re pushing it if you’re using that fps. Next, you can only do a crate jump if crate is located in the negative Z axis of the map. There are alot of maps that you can do this on, simply for shortcuts and cutting out the need to do a double jump of another box. All you do to execute this jump is simply stand next to it, and hold forward and press jump. You should just get on top of the crate.

Double Jump

The double jump is rather easy, though some types of them can be quite difficult. Since 3 of the 4 jumps are relatively easy, I have put this in the easy section. Anyway, there are 4 main types of double jumps, these are:

The first shot, if off the Forkjumping map. This is a standard double jump and are very common on all maps (sometimes the jump isn’t a couple of crates, it could be a section of land or land and a box etc). To do this jump you need to be at least 1 full step back from the first part of the double jump (in this case the small box). Then, facing it, run up to it and tap jump (fast) whilst holding forward throughout the jump.

Medium Jumps

This is the medium difficulty jump section, these jumps are considered tasking by most standards and are jumps that you find in most difficult jump maps, and sometimes easy maps. Okay, onto the jumps:

Circle and Strafe Jumping

Circle / strafe jumping is relatively easy, it all depends on how far you have to jump that is hard part. So, that is why it’s in the medium section, because you could have some easy ass jump or some hard one. Anyway, on with the tutorial on how to do them. First of all circle jumping:

Circle jumping is moderate in difficulty as it’s quite hard to get alot of distance, all you do is stand facing the jump you are about to do at an angle (but looking it its general direction) and run forward on your angle, and when you are near the end of the ledge and need to jump, press and hold forward and circle the mouse in the direction of the jump, keep turning it and hopefully you will land on the other side (needs practice to get this perfect). Next, strafe jumping:

Strafe Jumping is very easy, all you do when you are about to jump over a gap press and hold the strafe key as well as forward and you gain alot more distance. Next, circle and strafe jumping at the same time:

Circle and strafe jumping at the same time is quite hard to master, as you need to have got the grasp of both individual jumps before you can even think about trying this one. Start as you would for circle jumping and face the jump on an angle, then as you normally execute a circle jump, run toward the jump and just as you come to the edge of the ledge hold strafe and forward together and jump, then when in mid air turn the mouse in the direction of the ledge on the other side to where you are jumping.

Ramp Jumps

Alot of people class these as easy jumps, and they are. But sometimes the ramp is tiny and the distance is massive, hence making it a hard jump. So I shoved it in the middle and put it in the medium jumps section. Small ramps are very easy indeed, all you do is run up the ramp and do a circle or strafe jump at the end to get some distance. Other ramps, consist of getting a long run up (speed jumping) and then hitting the ramp and bouncing very high (either straight up or forward). Other ramps are just to get over obstacles that are blocking your way. Also, beware that if you are strafing and you jump whilst on a ramp you will ‘stick’ to the ramp and potentially slide up and off the edge of the ramp and not be able to stop yourself (common mistake). Some ramps, also have ramps that lead on after then, which is difficult to do as you have to hit the ramp at the correct speed and jump off at the correct place

Triple Jumping

Triple jumping is moderately difficult, it really depends on how the jumps for the triple are placed. However, this isn’t too hard really. All you need are (generally) 31 frames per second and a fast finger. The concept is the same as double jumping but you have to be alot more accurate to when you are pressing the jump button (to be honest, mashing jump kind of works). All you do is just do the same as you would when you are double jumping from a shoebox, and at the next lip of the jump you encounter press jump again, and so forth.

Hard Jumps

These are some of the hardest jumps you will find. These are hard to master, and sometimes take numerous attempts to do them. So, don’t be disappointed if you can’t do these jumps straight away, as alot of jumpers that are good at jumping still mess them up sometimes.

Ladder Jumping

Ladder jumps can be extremely annoying, as they are easy to buckle up. There are loads of methods to do this jump, but finding the way you want to do it is a thing you’ll have to work out for yourself. Also, please note that tackling a ladder jump at around 31fps (frames per second) makes it alot easier to execute the jump. Here are a couple of descriptions on how to do the ladder jump:

Method 1: The easy method. simple climb up the ladder, then once you are at the top of the ladder (but still stuck to the ladder), press and hold forward and jump to propel you.

Method 2: The times saving method. Climb up the ladder, and when you practically at the top of the ladder look straight down and press jump. The downfall of this is, apart from its hard to do, is that you will be looking down so it will be hard to get any propel forward unless you have a high sensitivity.

Thanks goto:

Jolt for hosting the original Q2Jump server and web site.

Progamers again for hosting our server and site when we needed a new home.

Bleh (aka. pooy, aka. SadButTrue) for spending countless hours coding jumpmod.

All the admins for helping control the server.

LilRedTheJumper and Tony for making the original jumpguide and taking all the screenies and demos.

jaY for creating this jumpguide.

Tony for updating this guide to reflect site changes and module implementation.

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