Backshooters — WizQ2DM1: Skywalker, by WizardExt

Saturday, November 5, 2005

“Made a new map, this time for Quake 2 deathmatch. I have mainly focused on the modification Action Quake 2, but now it’s time for a first release for Quake 2 deathmatch. It probably plays best with a small player load, but will probably be a lot of fun with more players. Crowded, laughing, insane. You are in a castle high up above. It’s a mix between fantasy and medieval. The map is small and generous with its items and weapons. Heavy weapons on lower level and you are forced to climb the net to reach the upper lever. It features new graphics, both env’s and textures. The r_speeds values are kept pretty low, so no need to upgrade machine just for this little baby. Have fun! Post comments and feedback.”

“Very nice… I have not played it with people yet but I plan to soon, it should play fast and fun. -Great atmosphere, very non-Q2-ish in a good way. Very cohesive theme overall. -Nice texturing, the lighting is a bit bright and flat BUT it works perfectly and makes sense for this map… So that is not a criticism as much as an observation… Better put, I like it just the way you did it. -Lovely design, simple architecture that looks and fits great all together. -The items seem fine and don’t feel over-loaded. -I like the vines and the ground textures you used, they look very “real-world”. I love it like it is… That said IF you had any desire to make an “extended” version that was bit larger and included more z-axis bits, I have a few suggestions. If you are interested, I’d be happy to show you what I had in mind. If you have no interest in a larger version, no worries… what you have is very excellent . Keep them coming.”

“Judging from screenshots only this looks like an excellent ‘real world’ map. Usually maps that try to emulate the world-as-we-know-it in .bsp have lots of problems, and most often the end result is disappointing. Looks like it worked very well for this map, and this texture set. Nicely done.”

“beautiful map , keep them coming.”

“Nice map you got there Wizard, love the looks.”

BrainBucket… something different — Wu-Tang Dynasty… Still Shining

Why not?

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