Evil Empire Quake Clan — Camp Grounds and Camper Killers, by Toad

Camp Grounds

Camper Killers


The Briefing Room

“These are our Clan Colors, during team games it’s all red. If you want to be an Empire Soldier you must challenge our leader, TOAD. If he thinks you are worthy then you will be accepted. E-mail TOAD if you want to join. All clan members put EE in front or after their name so we could be recognized by other clans. We still have openings if your still interested.”

“The Evil Empire Clan Skin. Click on the Soldier above to go to the Evil Empire Tech Labs.”

Evil Empire Tech Labs

“Genetic and technology research has enabled us to increase human abilities. Our researched has helped us create killing machines from our training soldiers. Our newest weapon is the Multi-mode gun. By default its a shotgun, but with the weapon add-on accessories you can modify it to fire rockets or shoot lightning charges. Last Update 10/6/96.”

Evil Empire — Team

Camp Ground Training Facilities is up now, but we are still doing research for some of the courses. Only the Episode 1 courses are done. Check it out.”

Tournament II is coming. From Nov. 1 to Dec. 1 the 64 clans chosen will battle each other in multiple elimination rounds. Go to the ClanRing Website and check out the Tournament page to get updated info.”

“The pseudo online network hosts QUAKECAST every Thursday from 9-10pm EDT. Listen to the Interview of the id Software team. For the latest show click here…”

“Join in the chat at Quake World!”

Thred is a cool Quake level editor. I recommend downloading it. v0.9b


Evil Empire — Kewl Stuff

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