QuakeCon ’97: Photography by Jonathan “ZyFly” Works

Frag.Com's photo album of the biggest Quake event ever. Photography by Jonathan "ZyFly" Works. Sizing, thumbnails, HTML, and captions by Martin "DemonEater" Cox. Special thanks to the #trinity crew for their input.

Quake 2 Australia: How Delightful – q2 custom maps and TDM tournament

How delightful - more than 61 q2 custom maps suitable for osp tourney q2 servers. Contains all 1v1, ffa and tdm maps, with untested player load limits... but only a few Australian servers are running custom maps:  m0nsty's OSP TDM, -+[D]-Compose+- -+DeaTH MaTcH+-, chops packs your arse like a suitcase, Oceanic Gamings' DeathMatch], TDM @ThePlanet.net.au, GameArena Q2 #4: Vanilla Team DM.