QuakeCon ’97: Photography by Jonathan “ZyFly” Works

QuakeCon ’97: Photography by Jonathan “ZyFly” Works

Frag.Com‘s photo album of the biggest Quake event ever. Photography by Jonathan “ZyFly” Works. Sizing, thumbnails, HTML, and captions by Martin “DemonEater” Cox. Special thanks to the #trinity crew (see final page) for their input.

DaKiller gives FMellish a private pr0n viewing.

A couple of random people.

Tonka looks worried as Phoebus makes his move.


Blue and Sumaleth.

A rather shoddy pic of dEviL.

cRUm and a couple random people.

OneThumb, caught singing “Love Me Tender” over the PA.

Two of these guys came all the way from Japan for this.

Kiwidog wanders past in search of his bong.

Slipgate hopes he fastened his sock suspenders before he left that morning.


WilyKit overdoes the blush.

Blue and some guy.

AceJas can only be looking at pr0n. The guy next to him looks aroused…

Morbid caught enoying GoatLove.

Phoebus, for once without a female nearby.

OneThumb sneaks a “look” at KillCreek while she’s distracted.

Wino makes last minute adjustments to his fake id.

Thresh adds a Quake2 hat to his list of winnings.

Night Of The Living Dead reject PoLiSh.

Tankgrrl: a woman possessed by her headphones.

H2H trying to get a little H3D.

ZyFly obviously thought QuakeCon was on a boat.

Is there someone under the desk? You decide.

Homeslice watches the action.

The crew model GeekWear ’97.

Some dork.

That’s ok, he scares me too.

Autograph? No, I’m not that Sex Pistols guy.

Kornelia and Lisa head to the Melissa Etheridge festival.

I arrive after 1000 miles, looking like I spent a day under water.

Joost Schuur staggers for the camera.

This blurry picture provides evidence that yes, there IS a God.

Carmack barely arrives before he and OneThumb succumb to the radiation.

Romero, fresh out of the tumble-dryer.

PoLiSh preys on an unsuspecting RonSolo.

CWizard, hoping his fiance doesn’t notice he’s not at their wedding.

Joost, sober as ever, hangs with Faust.

Bastard, smiling the smile of someone smashed out of their mind.

I have no idea who this guy is.


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