Raiders of the Lost Arcade: GameWorks, Spielberg, and Quake II

Lost and found: "Quake TV" the Quake 2 mod developed for Sega GameWorks arcade 8-player GameArc cabinet, inspired by Steven Spielberg!


Little Green Men Clan: Sniper Marksmanship

Sniper marksmanship is an extension of basic rifle marksmanship and focuses on the techniques needed to engage targets at extended ranges. To successfully engage targets at increased distances, the sniper team must be proficient in marksmanship fundamentals and advanced marksmanship skills. Examples of these skills are determining the effects of weather conditions on ballistics, holding off for elevation and windage, engaging moving targets, using and adjusting scopes, and zeroing procedures. Marksmanship skills should be practiced often.

The First Online Pro Sport for the Computer Gaming Crowd: PGL Official News Updates, Seasons 1-3

The first online pro sport for the computer gaming crowd. Sponsored by AMD, hosted by Ten Entertainment Network, and driven by popular demand, the PGL will do for computer games what the NBA did for two peach baskets and a medicine ball. We're talking serious revolution. How serious? How about $250,000 in cash and prizes in the first year? How about "quit your day job and start honing your deathmatch skills" serious? Okay - now that we've got your attention, read on...

Gamers’ Relationships: How do you manage two big time sinks? by CalBear

Gamers' Relationships: How do you manage two big time sinks? by CalBear One interesting topic that has come up among my friends and I is the issue of computer gaming and intimate relationships. Can the two co exist if both partners are not interested in gaming? Certainly the answer is yes; to think otherwise assumes …

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