Polycount — Quake II Skins, by Frosty

Frosty’s Maidens

Skin Description

These skins do not require refrigeration until opened. Once opened – they will stay fresh up to 5 days. They are best enjoyed within a few days of your download – they contain no additives or preservatives, simply Q2 Ironmaiden skins. They are rich in morbidity which is a natural process from my skinning style. Take care in placing these into the proper folders on your hard drive – we highly suggest you use these in your eraser bot.cfg file for a real treat to view these skins head on. – Enjoy –

War song & storyline:

I am the deadly Ironmaiden
I see your vision is a fadin
I’ve blinded you with my charm
I know you love my big cyborg arms
I be a cousin to da crakhor
So ya better watch yer backdoor
I am a Bio-work nighmare gone bad
So now pretty boy you’ve been had
On home you’ll go in a body bag
A bloody, crimson heap of a rags
So hear me now – i ain’t yo sista or yo mamma
Play with me and you’ll die from fatal head trauma

……….Incoming transmission……………………..

Orignally the IronMaiden was not called this – she was a scientific study and code named was MoonCrush90-CrimsonDaughter14 – She actually came from two distinct humans Iris and Maude.

Thus “IrisMaude” – the creators & scientists on the project were Thuston Bowswell and Klaus Riffschiedurr. Iris was a bipolar terminally ill patient & Maude was a criminally insane deathrow inmate at the Universal Reformatory at North Vega Pride Mars colony. Both Iris and Maude were genetically altered and merged together into a Cyborg. She at first was a gentle & keen witted drone worker – she was created to stand up to the harsh Martian weather which varied from 230 degrees below zero up to 225 degrees fahrenheit.

But – as with most science projects something went awry – the gentle, nurselike demeanor of the IM turned violent and moody and dangerous. Having injured many security workders and fellow colony inmates the decision was maid to terminate her as a drone. But Klaus had another idea. Rance “Spoonface” VanHorton had perfected his M.D.C.C.M. which is a Multi Directional Cyborg Cloning Modulator and with Riffschiedurr’s cooperation they began cloning IrisMaude – now named IronMaiden and selling her on the intergalatic mercenary market. Fitted for a rebreather an auto aim laser cannon and a prothetic bionic uzzy/nightvision rifle she was bringing in top notch prices on the black market.

……………End of transmit………

P.U.R.E.T.E.N.S. — Please Use Ridah’s Eraserbot To Eye New Skins, by Frosty

“MY order of credits – is Meriah Mertech Mertech Mandroid Merbot Part of the right arm was reused alot from one of the original skins because I really didn’t seem to be able to improve it. Hit on some real neat and weird stuff with Meriah – lots of influence is evident of Ogro’s skinnin style and his tutroial about respecting the model came into my mind alot. Mandroid is my 1st Mercy skin and usually the 1st is the worst but it did go ok – lots of influence from Rorshach’s style and a head used from his free male base skins Thanx Kevin for all the stuff and talent – I’ve studied his style for hrs n hrs & Ogro’s too. I know lots could been done better – but this is a new gritty style I wanted to try out for now.”

Tekk-Blade Frosty Pack, by Frosty

Skin Description

“These skins do not require refrigeration until opened. Once opened – they will stay fresh up to 5 days. They are best enjoyed within a few days of your download – they contain no additives or preservatives, simply Q2 Tekk-blade skins. They are rich in morbidity which is a natural process from my skinning style. Take care in placing these into the proper folders on your hard drive – we highly suggest you use these in your eraser bot.cfg file for a real treat to view these skins head on. – Enjoy ps Also inspiration from One Narly Dude who hates my skins – enjoy anyway dude!”

IFFS-FEBFO, by Frosty

Skin Description

“Icy Frosty’s Final Skinpack – For Evil Bastards Forgotten One frostyone – My 1st fo skin fuji – my 2nd to las q2 skin freon – my last Q2 skin to hit polycount – how’d ya like my shiny tech stuff boys-n-girls? My top choice – by far is: 1st Freon 2 fuji 3 friar (note the head in the stomach!) 4 Fomoto If I didn’t move on to UT skins i’d done a hundred for this guy – luved this model and all my fans – if ya don’t have a 3d card got steal one or something – ya gotta see my top pic with one.”

Enforcer Skin Pack, by Frosty

“E911 – This is not the guy you call when trying not to choke on a rocket. EMT – This is a med technician gone bad – maybe seeing all those wounded people got to him. Electro – In classic quake the lightening gun was his favorite weapon – watchout he is a camper! MY Pick-of-the-Litter – is – EMT then E911 then Electro – spit a lil bit of thought and a lil bit of time on these dudes – animations good – but like his cousin – berserker – skin was hard to do. I liked his beefy look and the way he moves in the actual game – nice – nasty lil bigman!!!!”

Frosty Tank Pack, by Frosty

“Mechanized Assualt Unit Licensed Eraser Recon – See end of this text file for bots.cfg line My top pick is Thresh – everybody needs a lil thresh runnin round their server or bots file 2nd is Terrorx – this hitech dude looks ok in the game and 3rd is Thor – he just didn’t go well Comments: Like this model alot – could do many more skins for it – but decided to move on. Ctf skins included cause I got some weird email from a German guy cursing me out for never doin ctf’s – least that is what it appeared he wrote in broken English/German – so here ya go Klaus. The following textures/pcx/pictures used from for my ongoing skins: Chaos skulls/real skulls site off polycount links & freetexutes off UT freetexture/Massive Bitch site. Heads and stems and pieces of Rorshach free male skins off his website – Go Rorshach Go!!!!!.”

C.H.A.N.T. Skins, by Frosty

“If these skins offend u go to or Constructive criticism is always welcome – or bizarre ideas that mesh with my warped mind.”

Guard Pack-o-Skins, by Frosty

‘Frosty, the name synonymous with texture skins has been at it again. In this pack there are three skins: Gobot, Goon, and Guerrilla. All three are no different from any of Frosty’s other skins, so if you think that’s a good thing then you’ll be itching to get these. Now that I think about it, all the skins in this pack (and Frosty’s similar Gunner Skinpack) start with G. The model names are Guard and Gunner. The last skinpack I received from Frosty was for the Hellspawn model, and every skin inside began with an H. Frosty’s Cyborg Skinpack had two skins starting with a C…’ -Redlemons

Lin Fang Frost Pack, by Frosty

“Liked this model could do more skins for it.”

TAC Ranger Frost Pack, by Frosty

“To me at first the Ranger was not liked — but the more i skinned it the more i liked it.”

Frosty’s Hellspawn Skins, by Frosty

“MY Pick-of-the-Litter – is 1 hudsun 2 hudscor 3 hudsuit 4 helga 5 hevsuit. Hal was my 1st HS skin and lots of things worked out – could have used more detail and lighting but i had to move on… been wanting a model like this for long time… saw the original skins and thought this model could use some new clothes. This is an excellant model… but way too hard to skin the layout is terrible and the face is way too small… I did my best and put in lots hrs. Worst of the bunch had to be Haden – the skin sux and it is boring… oh well.”

“Frosty’s been at it again. Using textures from ‘Frosty’s Freezer’ he’s created a whole bunch o’ skins- 21 of the little blighters, in fact. That’s right- download Frostys Exotic Hellspawn Pack-of-Skins and you’ll be greeted by twenty one texture skins, plus a gem of a readme.

Whilst I don’t exactly like texture skins too much, Frosty is good at doing them. He’s able to make a good looking character out of anything, apparently. He uses textures from sites and people (which he always gives proper credit to). To complement these textures, ‘Frostys freezer opened up it’s big ugly mouth and vomited out some cool textures and colors.’

Speaking of appealing images, if those ones above get your pulse racing then feel free to download them. If you look up there and think ‘What the —- is that? Get it away from me!’ you’d be wise to steer clear of this skin pack.

For those of you who eagerly downloaded the pack, you’ve got a 600k wait. Here’s a poem about the Hellspawn model and Frosty’s skins by the multi talented Frosty’s Freezer to read while you wait. Murray had a song. I think there should be more songs accompanying skins.” -Redlemons

Frosty’s Final Cyborg Pack, by Frosty

“The acronym cyborg stands for Crygenic Yeoman Bot Organized Reconn Gunner Orignally the sparky1211 was done for a Canadian Mounty and the other two skins came from some spare parts i found deep in frostysfreezer – these were older – hereto unreleased cyborg skins – i dressed em up a lil and fired em up to polycount. Also – look around for a cyborg sound pack I did for it – it is not as good as Redchurch’s sounds for cyborg – so back up your original sounds and try mine :}”

Q.U.A.K.E., by Frosty

Quick United Assassin Killer Eraserbots. — These skins are mine and have been designed by me – I don’t copy other skinners but much inspiration was drawn from the following: The new POTW in UT skins – Kirin’s UT skins – skins off skindom, Rorshach’s SD Q2 skins, and his skin Doctor and my own deranged style & Steve Irvin AKA Massive Bitch’s Iron Maiden model. IF THEY OFFEND YOU THEN DON’T LOOK AT EM OR GOTO WWW.PROZAC.COM OR WWW.HERBALREMEDIES.COM OR WWW.METAMCILSWEETLAXATIVE.COM :} :] :[ :| :> :< :o. Then reload Quake2 and run them with ridah’s eraserbots playing the map Paradm3 or Conster etc..”

C.E.L.T., by Frosty

Children of Elfin Leprachaun Tribes. — My top pick is Wicked – when she is jumpin rope she just makes my skin crawl 2 Wendy 3 Wench Comments: Luved this model alot – could do many more skins for it – but had to make myself stop Sorry no Ctf skins – Maybe down the road – wish Lord Wulfie would skin this chic – he is good.”

Frosty’s PK Skins, by Frosty

Comments: Boy-oh-boy… finally got some PK skins done…it is hard to get an effect that conveys armor… I think I have gone from texture risen to filter/floodfill risen skinner. Haha! Studied pandemonium’s skins and tried to come up with ORIGINAL looking pk skins with armor and of course dragons/celtic stuff – hope somebody likes them – enjoy! * Directions: Add 2 cups teriyaki, gallon soy sauce, virgin olive oil… oopps….. wrong recipe. C:\Quake2\baseq2\players\model model being whatever the model name is…. DUH! PerilithKnight-cool model-luv the shield-only wish the animations were better & is hardtoskin.

CREDITS: Master Skinners Rorshach-Bacon-Yen-Ceptos-Cosmos-Sumaleth and Ogro/pandemonium Jinx Polycount and Massive Bitch – allowing skinners to post skins – download models – cool stuff All the skin judges for cutting through the crap and tellin it like it is – good or bad!!!!! ID – lonely days – lonely nights where would we be without ID Ridah and the eraser bot “go ridah” – and the nice site botepidemic by Fred. If ya never tried the eraser “bot” then go get it – it is great to frag against!!!!!!!!!!

Tips: LORD WOLFIE-Zeta-Cher-Madonna-Sting-Prince-Jordan-Elway-Gretzky ** For better skins look to my newer stuff DDZ and Hunter and PerilithKnight **

The following textures/pcx/pictures used from for my ongoing skins: site off polycount links Massive Bitch site – this guy does some fantstic sounds – the ones for the DDZ really rock!! Brazeus site – ya know the frenchy web site with the brown skull and claws Chaos skull – yes the chaos skull has returned again to be used in certain areas (sorry). – go get some!! Part of Lord Wulfie’s coatofarms – thanx Steven – and for constructive ideas Textues – just 2 from ogro’s skins for the pkobrien – to be later released! Legal Dept. – blah blah blah blah…..give me credit…blah blah blah…protected by Prism Software Industries. Dreams – yes i dream i am doin skins in my sleep!!!

ps ref: Projects – Definately going to take a break from skinnin and slow down. Not sure whether I’ll go on to the Rhino or Mercy model or the Slith or TekkBlade would also like to do few yohko skins and trying to get Lord Wolfie to do a skin for Witchblade..the great model..considering doing skins for the Ogro or Zumlin… but darn Ogro/Pando and Sumaleth’s skins look so good anyways!!!! Long term goal: Do a skin for the forgotton one and the awesome DeathKnight!!! in 2001 :} REMEMBER IT IS ONLY A GAME!!!!!!!!!!!”

R.F.P.O.G.S., by Frosty

Ratamahatta Four Pack-of-guns-skins. — Frosty’s freezer still holds a few surprises – hit my 100th skin ! – Looks good in the game and I liked the way Brian made this model pop – I mean certain things just pop when playing or running the animations in skinview – included a few real skulls converted using psp – human – aborigine – and baboon/gorilla as well as the usual – Chaos etc….

Rautomatic – Well this one is my milestone – the 100 skin I’ve released! Of the whole pack it is my 2nd favorite – things just fell into place real well and put in less time than the rest. I tried to write in japanese the words ‘warning hot’ – inspiration came from the skin Biosuit i think done by jinx or cosmos. (Also note: The chest is a fire breathing bull).

Remington – Note the voodoo mask in the chest – this is a rework of a recyled skin i accidently ran thru the 256 color reduction using dithered and just screwed it up bad! My 3rd pick.

Reaper – Well thought this would be fav when started – but it just did not jell – reworked the chest many times and the legs – i think it is the least of the litter – but still worth getting.

Richochet – My Pick-of-the-Litter – lots of things worked out – could have used more detail but i was so tired of skinnin i could of pewked – think the chest rocks and the legs are the famous chaos skull with lava shading and yellow eyes – tried other skulls/faces but this one fit it best – also liked the way the boots and back came out – barely my fav over rautomatic. ENJOY”

DDZ Skins, by Frosty

“Please allow me to introduce myself……. I am a man of war and waste………. Beta Like it says – beta my 2nd DDZ skin – the shoulder pads took some time to get right and the face just flamed up…. maybe he got too close to somebody’s pilot light. Beta’s my name – fraggin you my game – fav weapon is the hyperblaster! Borg Hi – my name is borg and I like blowing your $%#@ away – use the custom soundpack from Massive Bitch to get scarier than I already am! My favorite weapon is the rocketlauncher. Mars Here is a bad dude from mars and wears a biosuit for armor – my daddy is Frosty and he created me for fraggin the DDZ skin Venus – (coming in next skin pack) – but if you get in my crosshairs I’ll fire anyways!! My favorite weapon is the Railgun so duck down low. And I am also a camper!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

“*The orignal idea for my DDZ skins came to me as the Tommyknockers dragged me through woods northeast of our wooded farm and they rudely shoved me down into a dark abyss with a DDZ looking alien, who I think was an alien teenager – he was smaller than my captors and wearing about 4 asteroids in his ears and he’d dyed half his space head a bright purple hue – he spoke in a broken dialect of mixed german-english and japanese. I spoke to Qxetonle as best I could about Quake and Evil Bastard and he said he heard of Quake and knew Brian in depth – he claimed his uncle posed for the DDZ modeler and he showed me their version of Quake – called Quentxl – it was cool and seemed like a cross between halflife-doom and descent 2 – I stayed with the Tommyknockers about 2 weeks eating dead skunk and squash – playing Quentxl and giving blood and urine samples – they say I was found halfdead and dehydrated – they assumed I’d accidentally consumed too many funny mushrooms and wandered around for a long time…….but I knew better. (p.s. NO in answer to your question I never saw one alien chic).”

D.L.I.T.E.R Series I and II, by Frosty

“D.L.I.T.E.R. series (Don’t Look In The Electric Refrigerator) Why this title – aged cheese and various veggies/misc take on a strange alien appearance after long extended stays in your frig. Hehehe.”

CWJR, by Frosty

“** Juevos Rancheros ** 2 eggs – sunny side up – covered in a hot burrito shell – topped with red or green chili with a side of hash browns and your choice of pancakes or whole wheat toast. Why eggs? My orignal idea came as I was gathering eggs at about 5:00 in my chicken shed on our farm and Verna my best laying hen layed 2 light brown eggs and I thought the Crakhor model was saying – hey frosty – come skin me – so being the polite chap that I am – I obliged the lass and boy did I have fun!!”

Pretty Skins, by Frosty

“All original using all kinds of textures from all over that I made up. NOTE A few boot textures used from Rorshach stuff by permission only NOBODY is as good!! Tried to get away from such morbid faces – if nothing else check out prjen looks – i think she is so cool the way the dragon shows up on her blouse and her hair looks black and shiny. Anyways I like her try and figure who’s face it is before you read this backwards and the prpam and prpam2 also. answer (zepolferinnej – nosrednamap – zepolferinnej)”

Frosty Male Skinpack, by Frosty

“Time – You would not know how long it took by how they look. I love doing skins for Quake2 – it is the best game ever created and the only one I now ever play – I will continue to create skins and improve myself – wanting to create more for the custom models and cyborg. There seems to be plenty of male skins out there and not enough good clothed female skins.”

Unreal Tournament: Boss Model Skins — Biopsy, by Frosty

“Will not do anymore Boss skins – I dislike the Boss model.”

One for the Road: Terminator Model Skins — Blitzzz and Bloodlust, by Rorshach

“Blitzzz the Beserker dedicated himself uniquely to KHORNE the Blood God and became a mighty Chaos Champion of mayhem and butchery after the great crusade, where he fought side by side with Kharn the Betrayer. His Terminator Armour has become a living part of this mighty Chaos Champion and changes colors and style everytime Blitzzz enters the battlefield. (Note: That is why there are two skins. The first Skin called Blitzzz is just for normal playing, you should use Bloodlust only when you really get MAD).”

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