PlanetQuake Report — Manhattan Memorial Day Marathon

“Well, here it is. It’s hard to believe! At least 85 machines, all running Quake — every square inch of table and floorspace is covered by computers and cables and technology. No, not a square inch is unused. Is there space between those subwoofers and 17” montiors? Hell, I’ve got a laptop. Let’s go!

It’s M3, and no other Quake event — not even the Quakeworld Launch event of September, ’96 — could match the adrenaline. Machine after machine is rumbling with the chaos of a deathmatch such that New York has never seen.

A LAN party is a LAN party … but when you add free beer, you transcend. I’ve never seen anything like it. It’s staggering. Over $400 worth of extension cords alone helped to power the massive network of over 6 servers that supports the gorefest I’m witnessing here tonight. And the community is amazing–Blue, Bastard, Cal, Joost … everyone is here, killing and being killed … and ready for more.

It’s only Friday night, and there’s three days left to go. Nobody has even thought of going to sleep; as I type this update, there’s still beer left and only Bastard of Planetquake has succumed to slumber. (it’s been a rough day — Can you blame him?) I’ll be here all weekend reporting the madness, but in the meantime you can get a feel for the carnage with these screenshots.

Stay tuned to this page for M3 updates as soon as they become available.

Your man on the scene, Fargo (with some assistance of Joost, while Frago keeled over ;)

loony’s M3 Wrapup

“The games begun friday @ 11AM or so when Lithium (o’ Preystation fame) showed up at my doorstep. Formalitities aside, we went out for some breakfast. We shot the s#%()t around my place for a bit, and then headed off to Pseudo for the festivities (which were still several hours away from officially starting). Upon arrival, we were greeted by the Blue-man himself, who already looked exhausted. Much to my suprise, we were not in fact, the first people there. Several nutcases from Ohio actually managed to show up before me.

We set up a little baby network, and started a few practice games o’ quake. I also got to meet Phoebus, who preceeded to whoop my ass for the first time (of many over the course of the weekend). Around 7 or so, the festivities officially began, as we setup computers. Buddy o’ the boi, Jordan who goes through nicknames like water (he decided on Huey for the weekend) showed up, and helped us lug in some crap (Voltas, you got one hell of a heavy computer, dude). Regardless, the network setup, the games began full force, and it didn’t take long for me to realize that in fact, as I previously suspected, I am really out of practice. After enduring a barrage of insults to my trackball (from everyone from Blue to Gandalf) I finally got a few decent frags in, and anyone within a ten foot radius can attest to the fact that my nickname is quite appropriate when I’m winning (I laugh like, well…a loon). After a spell, I met Kolinahr (quiet dude…), RadPipe (nice guy…too bad he was so dang busy) and I’m sure more people then I can possibly remember right now.

After a stretch of playing, someone walked by and said, ‘loonyboi?’ I nodded and this turned out to be none other than Drastic_Man of KeyGrip fame. We shot the piss for a bit, and I eventually met CRT, the other half, and believe me when I say that these guys are nuts. I thought I was loony…these guys are crazy. After a bit, I met Stormalong (of FA11 fame).

We all hit it off fairly quickly, and before long were talking about the future of demo editing/camera patches and what direction they were taking each of their respective projects. I think combined, me and Drastic must have increased Stormalong’s ego a thousand fold (I mean come on! Let’s face it, FA11 is the coolest thing since individually wrapped cheese).

And yes, I did remember to bitch about the fact that KeyGrip is designed for a minimum of 64 megs of ram every ten seconds. :) Feel like really pissing him off? Call it DicKeyGrip. :|

Anywho, the games friday night went into the wee, wee hours. Saturday morning, after barely 3 hours of sleep, I decided two things: 1) that I was going to go home that night and get some real sleep and 2) I was going to kill whoever it was that snored all night long.

Regardless, saturday I met none other than Wanker who is, let there be no doubt, the biggest QuakeCast/Janitor Bob fan who ever lived (at least, dear god, I hope so). Saturday brought about a conversation with ParadoX in which he admitted that the hipdm1 demo that comes with Scourge of Armagon was staged. Pheobus had to keep me from harming myself and others around me. In addition, Gandalf proved that the SpaceOrb really can be used to play a decent game of Quake (although my personal experience with it would suggest otherwise).

I used saturday as an excuse to prove to the world that a Monster 3D can even make a p100 with 16 meg of ram a great Quake machine. GlQuake turned more than a few heads, even on my crappy system. I had a few plesant words with the Klingon-Rebel himself, Joost (get back to Aftershock, dammit!) and Dweomer, the busiest man alive (next to Cal, of course, who must have been taking IV shots of Caffeine all weekend).

On saturday, I also got to show off Flying Basty and I even gave a special Quego sound effects preview to a few guys (including Tony Fabris of BFG 9k FAQ fame).

As Saturday winded down, I made Phoebus and Wanker schlep their crap downtown to my place, where we crashed for a night.

Unfortunately we missed 95% of MSNBC‘s presance on Sunday, due to the fact that Wanker refused to wake up :) Once we got his lazy butt out of bed, and took real showers, we headed back uptown to Psuedo for more of that wacky brand of crazyness that only M3 could bring. After pleading with Bastard (and promising him plenty of Sunny Doodles) I managed to get myself and Phoeb entered into the contest (we had slept through the registration). I had the pleasure of watching Gandalf and PMS_Phoenix have an amazing Orb vs. Orb battle, and then had a blast getting my ass beaten by Phoeb.

Later that night, I met Moebius.DR (who actually doesn’t get his name from the french artist Jean Giraud) who introduced himself by saying, “you’re loonyboi? cool!” I still have no idea what that means. Be afraid. Be very afraid.

Regardless, the guy came all the way from Ohio to be there, so I let him use my computer for a bit (dispite his complaints about the Trackball). Another computer freed up, so he gave me back my computer, and I was itchin’ for some HipEnd action. I started up the server, and a legend was born (okay, so maybe i’m exaggerating, but it was fun…).

We started playing, and the server filled up rather quickly, and I started screaming my usual taunts, and Moebius’ girlfriend said, ‘you know, if you really want to annoy him, screw with the gravity’. And so I did. I set SV_Gravity to 50, and I don’t know if you’ve ever actually played hipend with wierd gravity, but it essentially becomes a giant fishbowl. :) CRT walked over, and started feeding me random server commands. We screwed with the SV_Friction (for that Ice Skating beauty!) HOSTFRAME (for crack-smoking action!) and I even bound three keys: one to SV_Gravity=500000 one to SV_GRavity=-50000 and one to SV_Gravity=50. Why? So at the touch of a single key, I could throw everyone to the ceiling, and then slam ’em back down again. Essentially everytime I got the hammer, I’d hurl everyone to the floor, and use the hammer on ’em. Bwahahahaha!

Other fun moments from that night, included the discovery of a great little deathmatch level called “Gibs Gallore” in which the point is to push everyone into the water which instantly gibs ’em. Whole kinds of fun (even if Lithium decided it was more fun to kill himself than bother to kill anyone else). Without a doubt, however, the coolest (or at least the most surreal) moment had to be when my boss from NBC showed up. He walked over, asked how I was doing, and then proceeded to hit the kegs. I think the fact that there were people there who played quake more than I do scared him off, because he only stayed for a few moments. :)

As the evening wound down, I watched a room full of quake players ooh and aah over Honus’ skill. A true prodigy, that honus. Probably the funniest thing I saw that night, was a very drunk, and very tired Blue, come stumbling out of the QuakeCast recording room, who said to me, “I don’t know who in their right mind is still listening to this thing” (it was about 2 am).

Monday brought fairwells (my goodbye to Drastic_Man? ‘Bite me, bitch!’) and I even donated two boxes of sunny doodles to the winners of the last fragfest (which a bunch of twits proceeded to hurl out the window on unsuspecting passersby). Aparently (I have yet to see the proof) Dipstick even challenged my claim that I do not show up on film, as he snapped endless photographs of my humble self.

Terminal nice-guy Phoebus helped me lug my computer back downtown, and he still had some time to kill, so we walked down to South Street Seaport to give him some pointless NYC tourism. :) After showing him that New York isn’t just crack alleys, we went off to drink (something we both actually forgot to do that weekend). We went into this little pub by my place, and just had a few relaxing drinks before he went off to catch his plane. I went back up to my room, reinstalled my computer, answered about 150 e-mails which read ‘Why are you checking your e-mail from m3?!?!?’ and went to sleep, dangit.”


-Excerpt and images courtesy of the Internet Archive, and, May 1997

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