PlanetQuake Report — Manhattan Memorial Day Marathon

"Well, here it is. It's hard to believe! At least 85 machines, all running Quake — every square inch of table and floorspace is covered by computers and cables and technology. No, not a square inch is unused. Is there space between those subwoofers and 17 inch monitors? Hell, I've got a laptop. Let's go!"

1997: Manhattan Memorial Marathon Photos, by David crt Wright — crt’s M3 Pictures

"M3: Manhattan Memorial (day) Marathon. m3 was a quake LAN party in NYC, May 23-May 26, 1997. m3 was free, and was held at Pseudo Online (home of quakecast). although m3 was byoc, many quakers graciously left their computers on, explicitly allowing those without computers to play quake. m3 was sponsored by the cyberweb cafe, pseudo online, and planetquake."