Clan of the Burning Dog LAN Party 1, Last Weekend of July 1999

Clan of the Burning Dog LAN Party 1, Last Weekend of July 1999

[Note from Donde: funny thing about the dates above. This may or may not be related to the consumption of a fair amount of what CBD would only call “substance” and occasionally, at least in my own imagination, “burning the dog” – and as a side note, I would add “good plant, bad law.” The webpage of their first ever LAN party photos in the screenshot above shows the dates for the LAN party as 8/30, 8/31 and 9/1.  However that was not a weekend in 1999, it was a Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday. After the photos page, which is the main attraction here, I have the archived the Clan CBD News page, where the dates for the LAN party are said to be the last weekend of July, 1999. After consulting the search results of “calendar 1999,” I have determined that, as both pages reference the LAN party happening during a weekend, therefore the real dates for this LAN party are probably the last weekend of July, Friday the 30th, Saturday the 31st, and Sunday, August 1, 1999.]

The CBD Lan Party in Cleveland rocked! We had a ton of fun, and are already scheduling the next one for this coming weekend. We had 12 CBDs there I believe, and we had a blast, playing games, abusing the T1, eating out, and going to strip clubs ;-) We also consumed a fair amount of what we will only call “substance” ;-) So here are a few pix, wish we would have taken more, but we were having so much fun we didn’t think of it ;-) I just want to know why there are so many damn pix of 70th guess we wanted to make sure everyone knew how much of a m0m0 he is. ;-)

Pic of 70th, “Wow, I can post on Nachos a LOT faster with this T1!”
70th again, “OK, I admit it, the 10 ping isn’t helping…”
70th, “I’ve had enough, I’m going to sleep”
70th under Q2DM1 The Edge. Interestingly, our LAN party was right next to “The Edge” hehe.
Dabba(left) and Crisis(right); a great team. Bring those budz back to base! What was scary though was the fact that we had the same mouse, mousepad, and MS Sidewinder joypad. Now I know we’ve always clicked but man…
Group shot. From left, counterclockwise, Hardcore9, Aceman, Douce’s head, Big Dog standing, Hater’s head, Speedy, Devilman, and Dabba.
The 1st night was not free of computer problems, but we eventually got everythign worked out. Here BigDog, Hater, and Speedy work on some bugz.
70th once again squeezes into the picture, with SilverMane behind him. Noises is pumped about something back there probably a free pr0n site ;-)
The group once more, Noises doing his rounds. (I must add he was a very interesting guy ;-) )
Hardcore9 and Aceman in back, after a heated RA2 match. Thanks go out to Ace for hosting this LAN at his office, he did a great job getting everything arranged!
The trip to the Crazy Horse was great, unfortunately we couldn’t take pix inside, hell we couldn’t even wear hats inside, so we took some in the parking lot near 25cent Video and Doc Johnson’s Marital Aids. An interesting note was that someone called the cops on Douce while he was waiting in the parking lot for us since he ended up going to another club, claiming a “suspicious character” was hanging around the parking lot. I don’t blame them. Left to right; SilverMane, 70th, Crisis, Douce, and Dabba.
Same strip club shot, this time with Devilman in the middle instead of Crisis.
Noises catching a rare bit of sleep. “This is going to wake him up for sure.” **Snap** “Yep, it did. Hey Noises.”
A closeup of the box that made dreams come true. OK maybe a bit more dramatic then it really was but here’s one of the servers.
SilverMane putting the kids to bed in some LM.
SilverMane and Crisis; “None shall Pass”

-CBD Scorpion Series-

Scorpion on a VooDoo2 Card hehe.
Scorpion and JackDaniels.
They’re loose!
Scorpions return to their home after the photo shoot.

-C.B.D. News Archive-


Thunder rumbled in the distance and lightning flickered across an angry sky as the six friends huddled within their cloaks for warmth. Rain slashed at them under the cover of the aged oak tree, soaking them to the bone and eliciting a shiver from more than one man.

Their faces grim, each one looked at the others with trepidation, a little suspicion, and maybe some fear as well. Each had come in response to a letter sent a fortnight ago, and none knew that the others would be present. It was a reunion of sorts, but a grim one.

One man stands alone, away from the others, and from his bearing you could tell he was the leader. He wasn’t in any way more exceptional than the other men, but a heavy expectation hung over the others that didn’t seem to belong to this one. He wore a deeply cowled robe of earth colors; brown forthe rich soil of the Realms, green for the thriving plants and trees, and red for the blood of all living tings that nourish them. A pendant swung on a fine chain from his neck, a pentacle signifying his oath to the Goddess to protect her creatures.

One by one he cast his eyes over the men arrayed before him. A small smile flickers across his face as he studies the motley group, then he speaks, in a voice deep and calm, “My friends, we swore an oath in out youth, impetuous then, but an oath nonetheless. The Tavern of the Burning Dog haunts my memories still with visions of that dark day.” He pauses as lighning flashes, casting shadows that dance like ghosts in the night.. “I have heard disturbing rumors of a corruption in the Realms, a corruption of the Goddess’ gifts to man. My father, Gorion, has tried to keep me from hearing them, but tongues do talk, especially when loosened in the tavern. I called you all here to remember that oath, and to pledge your actions to our just cause.”

A soft breeze rustles the leaves under the tree. The man nods as recognition lights up each face, then continues. “Yes, you remember. We were but children, playing games to mock our parents, but the Goddess has never let me forget that an oath of blood is never taken lightly, and never forgotten. Before we even had swords we swore them to protect the land and all its living creatures from the corruptions of evil. I know I am the only one to hold true to the Goddess’ faith, but I beseech you, on your oath, to help me in this quest. The Goddess has called me and charged me with finding the source of this corruption and restoring her Gift. My friends, I cannot do it alone.”

Silence fills the night, the only sound that of the rain softly pattering around them. The air becomes still and heavy, and each man feels the hair on the back of his neck rise. A soft blue nimbus of light appears in the darkness and surrounds the men. Then, as if each man shared one mind, their voice in unison recites an old oath spoken nearly ten years before, soft as a whisper, “By my blood and my sword do I swear to protect the Goddess and her Gifts.” Lightning rips across the sky and thunder crashes around them. A fierce gale tears at the tree and whips the mens cloaks around them. Then, as sudden as it began, there was calm. All the men looked at each other in shock. What force could orchestrate all their thoughts in unison? What could drive their wills to such singularity?

The man in the robe pulls back his hood to reveal a young man wise beyond his years. His voice filled with newfound happiness, he speaks again. “I had hoped beyond hope that this would come to pass, but I had feared it would not. You have all changed much, gone your different ways, but I feel there is something we all still share. You have just felt the power of the Goddess calling in her oath. She never forgets.” He pauses and the other men nod their heads, knowing they had sworn fealty to a being of immense power. “Our homeland has been stricken with a corruption of its iron, and the Goddess is in pain. We have to heal her wounds before she grows to weak to call for aid. Gorion thinks I know nothing of this, so we must not speak of it until he parts ways with us. It is not his burden to bear. He is taking me to the Friendly Arm Inn on the road to Baldur’s Gate in the hopes of finding his friends to aid him. He has allowed me to bring you as my companions.” His voice drops to a gravelly whisper, “We are stepping off the lit path and into the darkness my friends, and only in each other can we trust.” With that he pulls his hood over his face and turns away from the assembled men. “Let us go and prepare for our battle.”

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We have finally completed our clan skins. We are using these in conjunction with the standard male model provided by ID software. To use our skins, download them and unzip them into your c:\quake2\baseq2\players\male directory. We are also using the Armies of Darkness sound pack. Merely unzip its contents into the same directory as the skin. You may want to backup your existing sound files in that directory as they will be over written otherwise. But afterall, who needs any other sound effects then those from AOD? Below are are some screen shot images of our skin as well as the *.pcx image. Thanks to Beholder, Hades, Crisis & Gilabrezu for these quality skins.

Clan of the Burning Dog Soldier skin:



Clan of the Burning Dog Demon skin:



Clan of the Burning Dog Fire skin:



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SilverMane’s skin:

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Crisis first clan skin, August 1998:

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The LAN of the Burning Dog, Spring 2000

Clan of the Burning Dog: Our Quest

Friday, September 4th, 1998: Changed the Server Mod from LMCTF to Chaos DM

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