Chaotic Dreams: The Maps of Chaos Quake 2

Chaotic Dreams: The Maps of Chaos Quake 2

Haven’t seen all the maps of CHAOS until now? Or do you want to find out something more about them? Then this is the right place to look… you will find nice screenshots and descriptions of every official CHAOS map, which has been used up to now… come in and be amazed!  (Also featuring user-made maps in the near future… the first are already rolling in!)

What would be CHAOS without a nice set of maps specially designed for it? (Of course CHAOS runs with every Deathmatch and CTF map out there in the net…  …but playing in maps done for our mod gives that special extra thrill =)

Here you can find screenshots from all official CHAOS maps… a short description… (… and maybe also an inspiration ….for making own CHAOS maps =) Because we also show user-made maps here which aren’t yet in one of our map packs… and they can be downloaded directly from here!

So…if you already have made a good CHAOS map, then don’t hesitate and send them to !! Maybe it will then show up here in some days! So…let’s start with the show (Click the thumbnails if you want to see the real-life screenshots!)

CHAOSDM1 – “Jail House Frag”

  • Recommended number of players: 2-8 (maybe more)
  • Gamemode: Deathmatch
  • Description: Our very first map… which became some kind of “evergreen” in the past months. It’s  map for really fast deathmatch with only two main rooms connected by different leveled doors. If you want a really fast bloodbath or just want to test the features of CHAOS, then use this one… because you’ll find every item and weapon which is inlcuded in our mod. Like I said: fast and deadly!
  • Download: This map is included in our CHAOS MAP Pack No.1…. which  is available on our Download-Page!

CHAOSDM2  –  “Cirith Minor”

  • Recommended number of players: 6-12
  • Gamemode: Deathmatch
  • Description: Our second map is a very big variant of a dungeon-like underground system, only with one single entrance between some lava rocks… in this wide and scary place you also have to use your ears and scanner to get your enemies in front of your barrel. And beware.. you can get easily lost here if you don’t take care!

CHAOSDM3  –  “Cirith Major”

  • Recommended number of players: 6-12 (probably more)
  • Gamemode: Deathmatch
  • Description: Currently the biggest map we have in our list. If you like cold, snowy, castle-like places with long hallways and deep icy moats this will be the right one for you. But be sure to get a couple of people before you go in, ’cause there are many corners to explore …and to hide in… and only two or three players won’t see each other very often here. =)

CHAOSDM4  –  “Jump!”

  • Recommended number of players: 4-8 (maybe more)
  • Gamemode: Deathmatch
  • Description: “Jump!” looks quite small at first sight, but it isn’t. The whole map consists of several platforms, floating in orbit above a planet and it forces its players to some whole new strategies, because every wrong step will become the last one. The deadliest item combination (and the one which is providing the most fun =) in this map is a Jetpack and a Homing Missile Launcher. And another one is even worse: guess why the Airgun has it’s own special place at the central platform =)

CHAOSDM5  –  “Personal Vendetta”

  • Recommended number of players: 5-10 (maybe more)
  • Gamemode: Deathmatch
  • Description: “Personal Vendetta” provides a nice combination of different deathmatch features… cold, rocky outdoor territories where you have to swim through the green lighted sewage of this mountain base… and long, lava-heated corridors into the mountain-heart. If you want a nice designed variety of the different forces of nature, then play this map!

CHAOSDM6  –  “Manufracture 1on1”

  • Recommended number of players: 2-8
  • Gamemode: Deathmatch
  • Description: Besides a little bit big for two players, but if you really use this map for a nice 1on1 match, you will have enough place (and places) to use the whole variety of CHAOS weapons. The many recesses this map provides can really result in a thrilling match… and check out: maybe you even survive the “deathfall” and get beamed into a small room situated in a parallel dimension (shown on picture 2) where a nice reward awaits you.

CHAOSDM_RAYGUNN  –  “Let the CHAOS begin!”

  • Recommended number of players: 2-6
  • Gamemode: Deathmatch
  • Description: This map brings back old memories on the original Quake2 deathmatch maps… but with a really ingenious architecture and some clever placed secret you first have to find! Don’t stare too long at the sundown once your are in this map… because it’s meaning trouble! And with some wits you can really use the local existing room conditions to your advantage… prepare for some fights in which it isn’t enough to just stare straight ahead!

CHAOSDM_WEASY  –  “Die With Your Boots On”

  • Author of map : Michael “weasy” Drummond ( )
  • Recommended number of players: 4-10 (maybe more)
  • Gamemode: Deathmatch
  • Description: This very innovative map, based on top of a snowy mountain, provides an unique thermal water system. Once jumped in, it will transport you several levels down deep into the mountain (and also up again. =) Great for escaping, but also for some (horizontal and vertical) underwater action! Try it! Like it!

CHAOSCTF_FURY  –  “True Grit”

  • Recommended number of players: 8-10 (maybe more)
  • Gamemode: Capture the Flag!
  • Description: “True Grit” is the very first CTF map of CHAOS (…but we hope to have soon more of them =)
  • And that is not the only point which makes this map some kind of unique: Fury also managed to “re-invent” Quake3-like jump-pads. This provides the whole CTF gameplay with its “catch or escape” tactics some interesting additional strategies. Take a step and fly! (But beware of the acid pools =)

CHAOSDM_BOOTIT  –  “Temple of Pain”

  • Author of map : Bootit
  • Recommended number of players: 4-8 (maybe more)
  • Gamemode: Deathmatch
  • Description: Always wanted to do some fraggin’ in a cathedral like dungeon temple? Ok, then welcome to the church of your darkest nightmares … two mainrooms and several alcoves connected by dark corridors …and a long underwater tunnel (which you first have to manage to survive =) Enjoy this new gaming thrill and listen to the monks singing their prayers!

CHAOSDM7  –  “Deva_station”

  • Recommended number of players: 6-8 (maybe more)
  • Gamemode: Deathmatch
  • Description: Nat is back, bringing you again a new kind of chaotic terror. Experience deathmatch in a waterbase, build into the deep rocks of a mountain, surrounded by a moat of lava. Featuring one of the meanest and trickiest ways to protect the BFG-spawnpoint, this map will make you feel having well-earned every single frag… and still having lots of fun during working for them!
  • Note from Nat: “There are 3 ways to get the BFG. All 3 were tested many times…so dont e-mail me saying it is to hard =)”

CHAOSDM_WEASY2  –  “Last Breath”

  • Recommended number of players: 4-8 (maybe more)
  • Gamemode: Deathmatch
  • Description: The new weasy… get ready for the best underwater action since James Cameron’s Abyss!
    This map will really make you taking your “last breath” sometimes… maybe because of the stunning visual, maybe because you just kept to long underwater watching your enemies through the scurity glass walking around. Take a deep dive, have much fun…and don’t forget the oxygene! =)

CHAOSDM_JEZZ  –  “formerly: JezChaos”

  • Recommended number of players: 4-10 (maybe more)
  • Gamemode: Deathmatch
  • Description: This map is already well known in the CHAOS community and really deserves to be the first user-made single download in our map section (…yupp… great work, Jezz!! ;) Prepare to be pushed back into the old days and experience unholy churchs, rusty coffins and dirty waterfalls. It’s the right map for everyone who likes the good old Quake1 map flair and also has a predilection for that “special kind of different map”.

CHAOSDM_JEZZ2  –  “formerly: JezChaos2”

  • Recommended number of players: 4-12 (maybe more)
  • Gamemode: Deathmatch
  • Description: This map is hot! This map is really HOT! (…and I mean this in a really ambiguous way =) Try it, and you will know, why… never was lava THAT good looking in a map… and never you had THAT much fun pushing your enemies into it… (or burning their asses in some other ways =) Some places of it reminds you of the upcoming Quake3 maps.

CHAOSDM_TDC  –  “Ice Temple of the Chaotites”

  • Recommended number of players: 5-12 (maybe more)
  • Gamemode: Deathmatch
  • Description: Let’s hear the author: “Temple-like complex built by an ancient people (namely the Chaotites) in a deep icy cavern located on a distant planet far, far away. Yet despite it’s icy appearance, there seems to be some occasional volcanic activity…”
    Yes … the intro text already sounds extraordinary, and so is also the map… prepare for a history trip into chaotic science-fiction, and have much fun while fightng through these old subterranean buildings and temples… especially very nice for a larger group of CHAOS fans which want to have the right start into a loooong LAN night! =)

CHAOSCTF_WEASY  –  “Old School”

  • Author of map : Michael “weasy” Drummond (   )
  • Recommended number of players: 8-16 (maybe more)
  • Gamemode: Capture The Flag
  • Description: The first CTF map from Weasy… and it’s already a killer!
  • Planing a big LAN night or a internet fight with lots of friends and still looking for a proper map? Then you have found the right one… this CTF map is huge, really huge… which doesn’t mean it would just look plain with lot’s of long passages. No! This map is full of nice “sightseeing spots” which are just waiting for your visit… and in a nice 6vs6 Clan match this map starts to really play with its muscles!
  • If you are able to find the right group of players (who also like to do some in-group tactical fighting) then this map is definitely the right one to start the evening… (and to stop the morning =)

CHAOSDM_VON1  –  “Chaotiker”

  • Author of map : Nick J Jenkin aka VonJenk  aka VerBoten (
  • Recommended number of players: 2-6 (Maybe 8)
  • Gamemode: Deathmatch
  • Description: For the very first map of this author the map is already VERY cool (…and also sometimes hot…beneath =) Just the right thing to start into a CHAOS night and for warming up. But… look out! This map already has some tricky places! I can’t wait to see future maps from VerBoten…already very promising!

CHAOSDM_VON2  –  “Palace of Slime”

  • Recommended number of players: 2-8 (maybe more)
  • Gamemode: Deathmatch
  • Description: Already the next one from VerBoten. “Death & Destruction in a Small, Slime filled Level.” So it says in the readme. And so it plays in reality. Just jump in and have fun! And don’t slip into the wrong places! =)

CHAOSDM8  –  “hide and sneak”

  • Recommended number of players: 6-8 (any more is a waist)
  • Gamemode: Deathmatch
  • Description: Chaos goes comic! What started as a small experiment ended as one of the most innovative Chaos maps ever released! Right after jumping in you feel like being part of a big, colorful, comic-style nightmare. This map is at first a big dedication to our closest Chaos-playing clans like Mooclan and ClanTNT, and also a map truely dedicated to our favourite…..proxies! =)
  • Once you played it and and heard ’em in every corner, you know what real fear means ;)
  • So… play this map how it was meant to be… not for the rush-rush-rambos. It’s like the name says, for hide, sneak…and hearing!
  • Have much fun with it… and keep your head low under the electric fans ;)

CHAOSDM_VON3  –  “Jail of Tears”

  • Recommended number of players: 2-8
  • Gamemode: Deathmatch
  • Description: VonJenk strikes again three in a row! Man, this guy is really in a hurry to get a professional mapper! Now “Jail of Tears” is stretching out its icy fingers as you! Ladies and gentlemen, fetch your winter dresses and get warmly dressed: here comes some hot 2on2(or more) action in a cold mountain peak base… …with some very deep chasms on its edges!

CHAOSDM_TDC2  –  “Beneath the Surface”

  • Gamemode: Deathmatch
  • Description: “Egyptian-themed temple flooded with water. Built by ancient people thousands of years ago. Little is known about them or what kind of secrets they have to hide… .” TwelveDeadCows is back with his extraordinary mapping style and he even brought a reinforcement with him: introducing Holy{moo}great texture making abilities to the world. This team rocks… and so does the map! Experience a complete new style of Chaos deathmatch chasing your enemy through the inside of a somehow eqyptian pyramid… but is it realy eqyptian? Or should be better call it “proxish culture”? Check it out and be surprised!

CHAOSDM_TDC3  –  “We’re in this Together”

  • Recommended number of players: 2-6 (maybe more)
  • Gamemode: Deathmatch
  • Description: “Egyptian-themed arena…” The TwelveDeadCows-Holy{moo}-team strikes again in short time… here’s a level based in its theme on chaosdm_tdc2 but in a complete own style… this one is better suited for a less number of players then the last one and consists mainly of two big arenas connected through various ways to each other.
  • I was really, really surprised what two relative “beginners” to mapping can do and create together! Wow! They are already pros after such a short time. Carry on, TwelveDeadCows & Holy{moo}! (I already heard of their next plans and I really can’t wait to play the results! =)


  • Recommended number of players: 4-10 (maybe more)
  • Gamemode: Deathmatch
  • Description: The first map from this author an it shows a lot of promise. Its got lots of wide open places for you to use that jetpack, antigrav belt and grapple your way around. Weapon placement is good and we look forward to more maps from Cappa in the future.

CHAOSDM_SCOOBY – “Millennium Madness”

  • Recommended number of players: 4-8
  • Gamemode: Deathmatch
  • Description: A great map that is along the same style as ChaosDM4 Jump if you like that map you will get a real kick out of this one, you can tell he’s put a lot of though into this one. It truly is a Chaos map. You will need the jet pack or grapple hook just to get around in it. I loved it, and I’m sure you will to. You really have to watch your step though, if you get too close to the edge those frags will drop really fast, as you fall off over and over again. :)

ClubBovine – The MooClan loves to BOOGIE!

CHAOS Mapping News, Spring 2000

CHAOS Fans Voting Poll Results: “What is currently your favourite CHAOS map?”

Here is the final place where the “public opinion” of the CHAOS fans can be heard and read =) As you have seen, we have a voting poll set up for you to vote on different issues… as soon as the poll period is over, the results can be examined here. If anyone knows a good question we should ask next time, then please e-mail Spank.

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