French computer magazine: Joystick — Quake II Review

"Dans la secte des quakers fous, Quake 2 est un peu attendu comme le messie cosmoplanetaire. Apres la sortie de q2test et bien qu'id n'ait pas lance de beta-test pour le jeu reseau. Quake 2 est ien parti pour faire trembler la Terre a nouveau. Les marines vont pouvoir reprendre leur entrainement."

The Gunslingers’ DeathFest: Perry, Ohio LAN Party 1997

The_DM, creator of CTF+ and QTracker and BMOC at the Gunslingers clan, sends word of a LAN party within driving distance of my house. Wish I wasn't moving into the house this weekend. :P On July 26, 1997 there will be another Perry, Ohio LAN DeathFest. The carnage begins at 11:45AM and runs for 12 hours. Admission is $10, which gets you pizza and drinks.

Panther XL: The First 3D Combat Controller

The Panther XL allows the player to "Free-Look" totally independent of the direction of travel. With this independent control you can run one direction and fire in another without breaking stride. You can also "slide" around corners with your gun always aimed in front of you, ready for anything. John Romero, Co-creator of Quake, famously said, "If you wanna crack skulls with the big boys, get a Panther XL."