The Gunslingers’ DeathFest: Perry, Ohio LAN Party 1997

The Gunslingers’ DeathFest: Perry, Ohio LAN Party 1997

The_DM, creator of CTF+ and QTracker and BMOC at the Gunslingers clan, sends word of a LAN party within driving distance of my house. Wish I wasn’t moving into the house this weekend. :P On July 26, 1997 there will be another Perry, Ohio LAN DeathFest. The carnage begins at 11:45AM and runs for 12 hours. Admission is $10, which gets you pizza and drinks.

Organizers of the DeathFest, the_DM (left) and Plague (right)

Layout shot. hypE (purple shirt) and Hard_Line (laughing) can be seen.

Layout shot. hype is in center.

Layout shot. Cyber‘s balding head is visible at bottom… Uh oh, looks like he’s about to hook some unsuspecting victim… Feel his love baby!

Deathmatch asskicker supreme, AceJas.

Layout shot. SnoopBorgyBorg, an excellent CTF asskicka, is visible in foreground, AceJas behind.

The mystery men… You know who you are, let us know! Vrba is flexing some muscles in the background.

Layout shot. Moebius is visible in foreground.

Chewey playing that awesome new Quake patch, Paintball.

All bow to the almighty QuakeServerOfDoom(tm). PPro200, 256megs of RAM, 4gigs of storage, running Windows NT4.0 Server. This was the_DM‘s little corner…

Senior Cerveza, a keyboarding master of mayhem.


Speed (left) and Strahd (right) arrive for our gibbing pleasure.

Blurry shot of some of The Gunslingers. From left to right: Nessus, Speed, Strahd, Cyber, and the_DM.

Outside shot of just a few of the cars people drove.

Outside shot of more cars. the_DM‘s green blazer is visible, as is the AceJas death-buggy on the far left.

Senior Cerveza showing us that balding guys can play Quake too… Plus the kid (Skull Master) who kept stealing the_DM’s computer.

Blurry layout shot. A guy with really good taste in music is in the foreground.

Hard_Line tries out a racing game… I’ll bet he paid for that… Yeah, yeah…

More Pics from the Second Deathfest in Ohio…

The Gunslingers.. From left to right: Nessus, Speed, Strahd, cyber and the_DM

A clearer group shot of da slingas.. From left to right: Nessus, Strahd, cyber, Speed and the_DM

Strahd striking up his GQ pose

Nessus finds his GQ pose

cyber goes for his sexy pose

Speed after he’s played too much Quake :)

Strahd up close

Strahd and Speed doing some dm on Rangerbase, as Nessus and cyber watch


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