Behind the Machinima: The Quake Movies of Dr. Nemesis

Today we are going inside the Quake movie director’s studio to re-visit the films of Leo Lucien-Bay, aka Dr. Nemesis, one of the first prominent black machinima directors. Mr. Lucien-Bay pushed the Quake II engine to its limit, in a career that spans PlanetQuake,, his own production company Binary Picture Show, and more recently, Bioware, Mass Effect 2 and 3 and beyond. Join us, thru the time traveling power of the Internet Archive, as we revisit the lost Quake movies of Dr. Nemesis.


Thank you to Minister Faust for the clips from his 2015 Dr. Nemesis interview on his podcast, MF Galaxy:

“Binary Picture Show – Machinima Filmmaker”, Reallusion, 2008

“2017 Diversity in the Arts Award Recipients”, Edmonton Arts Council, 2018

“Mass Effect 3 Purgatory Dancers”, Joe Dickie, 2015

“Mass Effect 2 – The Elcor Bouncer”, luciusfagala, 2010

“Kate Perry – Hot N’ Cold (Sims 2 Promo)”, digitalphil, 2008

“Machinima Live! Podcast”, Dr. Nemesis and Digital-Phil, 2005

“The Overcast Podcast Episode 1”, Phil Overman Rice, 2006

“Lady Mainframe 2.0 Promo”, Leo Lucien-Bay, 2007

“Lady Mainframe Gaming News Issue 6”, Leo Lucien-Bay, 2006

“Bouncers Chapter 1 – 3”, Leo Lucien-Bay, 2006

“Grim Rant”, Leo Lucien-Bay, 2005

“Dragons”, Leo Lucien-Bay, 2004

“Bouncer, Please”, Leo Lucien-Bay, 2003

“The Screen Savers interview Paul Marino”, G4TV, 2004

“Life on the Edge”, Leo Lucien-Bay, 2001

“The Lounge”, Leo Lucien-Bay, 2000 – thank you JayZilla for the recam

“Quake 2 late night with Toxy (1998)”, Kirkun81, 2010

“Quake machinima – cinematic intro”, Primal Clarity, 2016

For the full length Quake movies of Dr. Nemesis please visit:

Big thank you to the DondeQ2 project patrons! Quake God Ray, Beaver, Kristina, Alan W., Leslie LL, Peter and Kate, Richard S., Eliot and Christina, and Coleman

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Thank you for watching!

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