Assassin 3D: Precision Deathmatch Controller

Assassin 3D: Precision Deathmatch Controller

Higher Frag Counts

The Assassin 3D is designed exclusively for swift killing in a high-speed gaming environment. First, the Assassin 3D trackball provides quick and direct aiming. For example, spinning the ball 90 degrees makes an exact 90-degree turn in your game. Overturning, underturning and slow turning are problems of the past. Plus, the trackball provides intuitive “free-look” capability as it works like your eye does; left/right, up/down or all around. This is deadly accurate free-looking. But, higher frags won’t occur just with better aiming – you also need to be nimble.

The Assassin 3D lets you move quickly and easily in any direction. Push your joystick and you move in that direction; forward/backward, side-to-side or combinations of both. The farther you push, the faster you move. Combine the precise aiming and moving together and the Assassin 3D user can confidently perform deadly maneuvers; such as circle-strafing and strafing into turns. Many Assassin 3D owners now enjoy flaunting and also report a doubling of their frag counts. Needless to say, they refuse to go back to their old controllers.

Free-look Provided in MANY Games

You know how cool it is to free-look in Quake. With the Assassin 3D, you not only get free-look in Quake, you get that feature in many other first-person perspective games as well. Free-look is supported in Dark Forces, Descent II, Heretic, Hexen and Quake. This feature changes the feel of these games and significantly adds to the playing enjoyment. Imagine death-matching in Heretic and being able to look around as quickly and easily as you can in Quake. Time to create some chickens!

Fun and Comfortable

The Assassin 3D lets you focus on your opponents and not on your gaming gear. After a short time practicing, the controls become fluid, second-nature and forgotten. So, your eyes can stay on the screen and not on your controllers. This aspect allows you to focus on the fun part – the game. You will never be forced to look down at your keyboard again.

Roaming through castles and deathmatching require you to be at peak performance for long periods of time. You need a controller that is comfortable to use for hours and hours. Instead of constantly moving and picking up a mouse, with the Assassin 3D you just flick your fingertips across the surface of the ball. Also, included is a detachable wrist support to let you choose your most comfortable wrist position.

Easy Installation

Lastly, the Asssassin 3D quickly and easily connects to your PC computer. Just plug your Assassin 3D between your joystick and your gameport and the installation is complete. There are NO hardware issues about serial port availability, IRQ problems or mouse and modem conflicts.

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