Cybermodels: Quake Marine 3D Card Model Kit

Cybermodels: Quake Marine 3D Card Model Kit

A new and unique concept for computer gamers and a must for all Quake fans! Make your own free standing Quake marine for your desktop. An easy to assemble 3D card model, printed in full colour on 3 A4 die-cut cards,just fold and glue to make a striking 10” tall figure. Full instructions included. Just a couple of hours patience and a tube of glue are all that’s required!

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The Designer: Roger Pattenden

Since I was wearing short trousers I’ve been dabbling with paint brushes and glueing together pieces of card and anything else I can lay my hands on to make models. Admittedly there was a period when I was more interested in building and flying scale model aircraft of the balsa wood variety, but seeing them disappear as a speck in the distance became too unbearable.

It was more years ago than I care to remember that I had an Art School training in Graphic Design at Reigate School of Art, after finding that I wasn’t academic enough to pursue my first love, which was architecture. I then spent many years in a career doing something completely different (helping to look after a huge mainframe computer for what was then the UK’s second largest Building Society), before discovering the delight of returning to a job at the drawing board, as an illustrative cartographer.

Then came the challenge from the local Harrow Museum (in 1991) to produce a card model kit of their 15th Century Tithe Barn. That led on to a model kit of the ancient Headstone Manor House on the same site, and then to further models for other museums around London. Model making became a full time occupation in 1994.

Commissions have been undertaken for one off large scale replicas, such as the Headstone Manor House model now on display at Harrow Museum and models of the reconstructed Globe Theatre, which can be seen at the Globe Exhibition. All such commissions can be accepted for replicas of private houses and for museum exhibits.

A more recent venture has been in partnership with my son, computer game artist Darren Pattenden. We’ve together produced the world’s first card model kit of a computer game character, the Quake Marine. Produced under licence from Id Software of Texas, the model kit is die cut and colour printed. Trading as Cybermodels we have a website devoted to the Quake model, which is finding interest from around the world.

I’m always pleased and interested to hear from model makers and designers, particularly anyone who’s tackled one of my card models (and survived to tell the tale!)

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