Paranoid: Quake 2 mod

Paranoid: Quake 2 mod

Imagine being a Marine, packing ammo so tight that your eyes are turning blue, and carrying enough explosives to take out a small town. Your walking down a dark, gloomy hall way, having to watch your back while walking, and all of a sudden you smell a strong, snotty smell. You look up and theres a Broodling staring you down, drooling all over your new leather boots. You try to raise your gun up but you can’t in time. Everyone pisses in their pants as you scream out in agony as your lower intestines spill out onto the floor. You have just experienced Paranoid… and thought you got over your fear of the boogy monster.

Paranoid Mod In Game Screen Shots

Paranoid Mod Maps

Paranoid Mod Concept Art

Paranoid Mod News

Map Design Guidelines by Bartender, Blood and Jedi1138

Campaign Map Guide – 08.01.98 by Patrick *** ROUGH DRAFT ***

Campaign Map Guide by StrangeFate

Indra Map Goal

Paranoid Design Doc

Brood Design

Team Paranoid Development

Paranoid Team

Team Paranoid MessageBoard

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