CyberWorld Interactive: Spaceorb 360 and VFX1 Headgear

CyberWorld Interactive: Spaceorb 360 and VFX1 Headgear

CyberWorld , Inc. is a leading supplier of Virtual Reality (VR) and interactive products for the PC entertainment market. We carry only the latest in high quality VR, 3D peripherals and interactive software. Our customer base includes home users, event promoters, retailers, distributors, museums, universities and commercial organizations.


CyberWorld Interactive has been operating online since March, 1995. We work with each customer to ensure total satisfaction before and after purchase. Our extensive product knowledge and experience in the PC entertainment industry stems from our long-term hands on experience with all of the products we carry as well as from our team of lifetime gaming enthusiasts.

 Virtual Reality is destined to become the pinnacle of in-home and out-of home entertainment! Let CyberWorld Interactive put you into a “New Realm of Reality!”

3D Controllers


Flight Sim. Controllers

Active Audio

3D Video Cards

News / Events

Cyberworld Interactive VFX1 Spotlight

3dfx Mania SpaceOrb 360 Review

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