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"Welcome to the arcade. It ain't America. It ain't even Earth. Once you step through those doors, you enter a dimension of electronic fantasy - a virtual reality rocked by flashing lights, digital beeps, computer voices and humanoid trash talk. If you're an alien or a parent or something, you probably think that these dens of electronic inquiry are LAWLESS, DANGEROUS PLACES. But we know better. The arcade is a different world - but it does have rules."

Master Blaster: They call him Doomgod, by Lawrence E. Joseph — Saturday, January 4, 1997

"They call him Doomgod, the one who can kill blindfolded. He defanged the Cobra and snuffed the magician known as Merlock. But Dennis Fong, 19, is no Terminator. He's a popular student at the community college in Los Altos, Calif., where he lives with his parents and does (most of) his chores. So why does he go by the name Thresh, as in threshold of pain?"