Panther XL: The First 3D Combat Controller

“If you wanna crack skulls with the big boys, get a Panther XL.” -John Romero, Co-creator of Quake

The Panther XL allows the player to “Free-Look” totally independent of the direction of travel. With this independent control you can run one direction and fire in another without breaking stride. You can also “slide” around corners with your gun always aimed in front of you, ready for anything.

The combination of the Control Ball and our Flight Stick allow a level of control you just can’t get from any keyboard, mouse, orb or “hockey puck”. Imagine having every button you need for 3D games right in the palm of your hands. You don’t need to worry about accidentally hitting the wrong key or pressing the wrong direction(s). Once you jump into game, you won’t press another key until you’re done. The Panther XL gives you fast, precise and intuitive control.

Thank you to Vince Savoldi, Andrew Blevins, Steveo and the whole Clan3d team for so much amazing Panther XL content.

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