Quake II Star Wars! Model Pack

Quake II Star Wars! Model Pack

Model Pack #1: Star Wars! by Hellchick

We’re kicking off another model pack week here at PlanetQuake, and what better way to start it off than with Star Wars? Q2PMP has kicked up a wicked bunch of Star Wars models, and we sent LadyICE off to do all the searchin’ for you and pull them all down for you right here. So sit your model-lovin’ self down and get downloading!

Darth Vader by jlbr

This badass just oozes evil, and he’s been doing it for about twenty-five years. Created by JIbr completely from scratch, the Vader model comes with three skins and naturally uses the light saber as his weapon of choice (the saber turns a different color depending on which weapon you’re using), although he doesn’t actually attack with the saber, according to the info page. Come on over to the Dark Side, baby, and terminate the good guys with extreme prejudice.

Lord Maul by Wrath (model) and MrRogers (skins)

Back when Darth Vader was just an asthmatic kid with a pasty complexion, Darth Maul was opening up cans of whoop-ass on unsuspecting Jedi Knights. And here he is now as one phat Q2 model. The detail in his face is incredible, and his cloak is nicely rendered realistically. We thought he was so cool that we recently  interviewed Wrath and MrRogers, Maul’s creators. Maul’s animations are “smooth and full of character”, according to Q2PMP’s info page.

Han Solo by Dan Bickell

So you think you’re some bad, Falcon-drivin’ mofo? Then download Han Solo – he received a four and a half star rating from Q2PMP. Created by Dan Bicknell (of nudechik skin fame), Han carries his standard blaster as his weapon (nothing else will fit in the holster, Bicknell says) and is a pretty snazzy likeness of a young Harrison Ford. Han comes with five skins and a slew of taunts and gestures (and you know it’s gotta be good when we use fancy words like “slew”).

Boba Fett by Dan Bickell

Aww yeah…everyone’s favorite bounty hounter makes the move from the silver screen to the monitor! Another stellar model (ba-dum CHING) from Dan Bicknell, Boba Fett was certainly a must for the Star Wars theme model pack. Bicknell added lots of detail in Fett’s helmet and jetpack, so this model is a little more detailed than your standard human Q2 models. This bad boy comes with five skins, like Han. If you ask me, Fett’s the bomb, baby.

R2D2 by OSX

OSX brings us our favorite diminutive, roving computer – R2D2. Only this time, he’s been given a hormone unjection: the model is bigger than the standard Q2 male player model (see the info page for a visual comparison). He comes with a whopping eight skins and an extremely low poly count (320). R2 does some pretty neat little gestures and taunts that keep him in character as the little canister of nuts and bolts that we love.


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Out of the Darthness: Wrath and MrRogers talk about their kick ass Darth Maul model. — by Hellchick


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