Quake II Magazine Archive: Off-Topic — Star Wars

"The Death Star threatens to crush the rebellion forever. Darth Vader holds Princess Leia captive. Only you Luke Skywalker, leader of the last band of rebels for good, can stop them. With Han Solo and Obi Wan Kenobi on your side and the Millennium Falcon as your ride, you have the Force to win. Better take off now."

The Level Design Portfolio of John Fitzgibbons — Deadliest Mapper Alive!

"Concrete Dreams is a tightly-wound Moebius strip of half-flooded canyons and concrete facades. One of my design goals for this level was to create a distinctive feel for each location, so that even first-time players would be able to tell the different areas apart, which I accomplished by giving each section a unique architectural structure."

Modscape.Telefragged.com: Star Wars Quake 2: The Call of the Force — Quake2Max Screenshots, by psychospaz, 2001

"Thursday, July 19, 2001, posted by psychospaz. The new build of PsychoMod gives an option of being serverside or not. If its not, OpenGL is required along with the pak. New effects are tga bulletmarks and footprints. Be sure that you dont use 8-bit textures, as 32-bit tgas are being used. I've been working on SWTC for the last while and progress is good. Check out Star Wars Quake 2: The Call of the Force."