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Nihon Quake v0.01 by john fitzgibbons — 7/20/98

Download Nihon Quake, by John Fitzgibbons:


FUNC, MSGBOARD, by John Fitzgibbons

The Computer, by John Fitzgibbons — 1988

Josh turned on the computer. “Where’s the program?” Erik asked. “Right over there, next to Martin.” Martin was Josh’s cat. He was okay, but he was always getting into things. “Now, push ‘start,'” Josh said. “Hey, what’s this?” Erik’s voice was a little higher now. On the screen was one word: NO.

“Try it again,” Josh said, not quite understanding it himself.


The word was bigger now. “What?” Josh said. Josh’s computer never did this before. “Let’s see, oh yeah, push ‘escape.'” “Okay fine. Now what?” Erik said. “The idea of the game is to shoot all of the warriors and collect diamonds. But don’t stay there, you won’t get anywhere, there’s more than this screen.”

* * *

After school Josh turned on the computer and started playing Metroids. But on the screen was a green shape. The computer was in working order. “Request full report,” the computer said in a dull voice. “What?” Josh said, puzzled. “Reeepppooooorrtt,” the computer repeated. Josh pushed a button and he was somewhere else entirely. [that was abrupt – Ed.] He was on the floor — or something — and his legs hurt very badly. He looked around at his surroundings and saw that he was not alone. Because, directly above him was a … a … thing. Whatever it was, it resembled the green thing on the screen. Only it was bigger, noisier, and it was so alive. He tried to get up, but he still hurt. As he looked around, he noticed one window, and was amazed at what he saw — a wide field — with a hot, burning sun. “That’s strange,” he thought, “It’s the middle of winter.” “Where are you doing here?” the green ‘creature’ said. “What are you?” Josh said. “And why are you doing here?” he added quickly. “I am ZR223 here to complete my mission; to examine every life form in the universe.”

Chapter 2

“Where are we?” Josh asked. “Beta 4C-#7,” it replied. “Where’s the Earth?” “About 2 light years away.” [so this planet is 2 light years closer to Earth than the nearest star? – Ed.] The kids back home were never going to believe this. He wasn’t sure he believed it himself. He started to get up. “Don’t move. Your body hasn’t recovered yet,” it said, “You will stay here and don’t try to move.” It left the room, and he — to spite [despite? – Ed.] the pain — got up and started to get down the corridor when another one of those creatures saw him — or almost saw him — he jumped out of the way and ran back to the room and saw the first one got back before he did. He looked further and saw it was a different one. “Hurry — hide in here,” it said. It reached out one of its tentacles and pointed at some kind of device that looked like some copying machine that does everything. I quickly got in and had my suprise — a tunnel! [i’m more suprised by the switch to first person narrative – Ed.] I thought at first i would need a flashlight but then saw after crawling a little ways a new light went on.

It took about 5 minutes to get to the end of the tunnel, and then, he [back to third person – Ed.] came back to a large, open area. “Hi,” someone said.

Chapter 3

He looked around and saw the centre of the sound — another boy, his age. “Who’s that,” I asked. But I looked around and he was alone again. [first and third person in the same sentence! – Ed.] he didn’t exactly know where to go, so he decided he’d best go over to some foothills where he saw some trees. “I’ll hide up there,” he thought. They were actually farther away than he expected, but when he got there he was not at all tired so he got right to work making a place to sleep.

* * *

The next morning he got up and started higher into the hills. It occurred to him that beside trying to get away he 1) better find out where he was, and 2) how to go anywhere, which, 3) he didn’t know where he was trying to go, [not unlike the author – Ed.] [I heard that! -Author, eleven years older] [Back to first person i see – Ed.] [Oh that’s it. Bring it on, bitch! – Author, eleven years older] which got him back to 1) why he was going anywhere when he didn’t know where he was, or 4) where to go. So he decided to make a map out of dirt so he could figure out what the place looked like. He started by finding out what looked like a fine place for making one. Now, he looked down at the ‘town’ where he just was at. It was a large dome with three towers on the sides. He decided to just write “dome” in one area on the ground. Then he made the hills and marked where he was. He decided now to take a hike. [Don’t forget your map! – Ed.] So he started off higher, and higher into the hills. Then all the sudden a spaceship came down and picked him up. [Wow, everything wrapped up nicely. Martin’s probably dead – Ed.] [I’d like to see you write something better at age 10 while striken with ADD – Author, eleven years older]

The End.

Ex Oblivione, by H. P. Lovecraft — Published 1920

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