The Level Design Portfolio of John Fitzgibbons — Deadliest Mapper Alive!

"Concrete Dreams is a tightly-wound Moebius strip of half-flooded canyons and concrete facades. One of my design goals for this level was to create a distinctive feel for each location, so that even first-time players would be able to tell the different areas apart, which I accomplished by giving each section a unique architectural structure."

Q2 Database — Quake 2 Maps by Flash[PSC]

"Q2database is your complete source for Quake II information. The 'Daily News' section is updated most every day, so make sure you return here often to see whats happening in the world of Q2. You can get the 3.20 patch here and instructions on how to set it up (easier then you think). There are tons of information listed within this site. If there is something you are looking for and do not see it here, please contact me. Don't miss the 'Meet the Player' section complete with picture posts. Browse over the other players listed, you may know some of them and while you are there... send in your stats. Copyright © 2002 Herb Phillips."

PC Mania — Quake II: Creación de las Mapas con Radiant

"Ahora que el panorama de los editores para Quake II se ha aclarado un poco, es el momento de la comenzar a estudiar la construccion de mapas para este juego. Asi, comenzaremos a estudiar los principios basicos en los que se basa la creacion de mapas para Quake II y el sistema de trabajo del editor Radiant, creado por Robert A. Duffy."