Wireplay Invades Brisbane: the Genesis of Multiplayer Online Gaming in Australia

To celebrate the opening of Wireplay in Brisbane, we are holding the ‘Wireplay Invades Brisbane’ Quake and Quake 2 Free For All competition. Do you have what it takes to frag your way through grueling heats and the final to be Australia’s Quake champion?

Wireplay is the ultimate dial-up gaming experience in Australia. It hooks you up to gamers via the telephone system and links to its own cutting edge technology for blistering multiplayer performance.

Wireplay will be available to all (although initially gamers from outside the Sydney and Melbourne telephone districts will have to pay long distance call rates while using the service). Watch out for details of the introduction of local call dialling for other parts of Australia.

Pricing Plan Details*

Gamers Plan – $20 per month for unlimited connection hours.
Easy Plan – $10 per month including 5 connection hours**. Additional hours charged at $2 per hour***.

* Telecommunications charges to access Wireplay are not included.
** Unused hours are not transferable and cannot be carried forward to the following month.
*** Charges are calculated in one minute increments, rounded to the nearest minute.

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