The G3D Innovation Engine, by Morgan McGuire — 3D Player Models for Quake 2

The G3D Innovation Engine is a commercial-grade C++ 3D engine available as Open Source. G3D supports hardware accelerated real-time rendering, off-line rendering like ray tracing, and general purpose computation on GPUs. Its design emphasizes rapid prototyping and innovation, particularly of rendering and game algorithms. G3D provides a set of routines and structures so common that they are needed in almost every graphics program. It makes low-level libraries like OpenGL, network sockets, and audio channels easier to use without limiting functionality or performance. G3D is a carefully designed, feature-rich base on which to prototype your 3D application. The contributors span the graphics industry. The engine is primarily maintained by Morgan McGuire, Zander Majercik, and Josef Spjut at NVIDIA, Corey Taylor, and Michael Mara at Stanford University & Oculus Research. It includes contributions from professional game developers, CAD and DCC developers, students, industry researchers, and professors.”

-Excerpt and images courtesy of The G3D Innovation Engine, by Morgan McGuire and Co.:

Alien, by AMC, August 25, 1998

Alita, by Brian “EvilBastard” Collins, October 15, 1998

Bauul, by Brian “EvilBastard” Collins, May 9, 1998

Blade, by Ryan “MrRogers” Butts / Brian “Evilbastard” Collins (animations), October 1998

Caleb, by Dennis Aspö A.K.A. His Divine Shadow and Mike McMillen, August 6, 1998

Crafty, by John “deepgroove” Turner, September 4, 1998

CyberDemon 2000, by Jonn Gorden, December 31, 1998

DDZ, by Brian “EvilBastard” Collins, February 26, 1999

Doom Unleashed Doomguy, by Phoenix

Dragon Knight, by Magarnigal, October 11, 1998

Dr. Freakenstein, by Stecki

Droid, by III_Demon

Eva-01, by Ionized Kit (a.k.a. [EVA]Rei III), July 12, 1998

Evil Ernie, by Michael ‘Magarnigal’ Mellor, October 11, 1998

Faeri, by Brian “EvilBastard” Collins

The Forgotten One, by Brian “EvilBastard” Collins, September 30, 1998

The Forgotten One2, by Brian “EvilBastard” Collins, September 30, 1998

Fox McCloud (StarFox), by FoX (Louis-Philippe Guilbert), October 1, 1998

Fuel, by Stecki

Goblin, by Conrad

Grey, by

Homer, by Aaron Webster, October 27, 1998

Hueteotl, by Brian “EvilBastard” Collins, May 10, 2000

Hunter, by Michael ‘Magarnigal’ Mellor, August 19, 1998

Invader, by Reed Hawker, July 20, 1998

John McClane, by Roland Gyrus, October 1998

LinFang, by Brian “EvilBastard” Collins, June 13, 1998

LordMaul, by Wrath, October 25, 1999

Madpear, by Turbo-J, May 5, 2000

MassMouth, by Stephen “Neuralstasis” Monteith, July 13, 1999

MS06R, by an unknown author

Nekochan, by Brent “Hentai” Dill, September 4, 1999

Ogro, by Magarnigal, October 11, 1998

PKnight, by James Green, October 21, 1998

Paranoid Marine, by HitmanDaz

Prettything, by Fenrir

Priss, by Bryce Nakagawa, August 2, 1999

Purgatori, by Tom Colby, May 26, 1999

Regult (a.k.a. Zentraedi Battlepod), by Alex Baptista, July 1, 1999

Rhino, by Andreas Möller

S.A.S (Special Air Service), by HitmanDaz[MT] (Darren Pattenden)

Shinju Murasaki, by sTuPiD f0oL

Slith, by Ryan Butts & Jeramy Cooke, April 25, 1999

SuperFlashOmegaDragon8, by Burnt Kona, December 3, 2000

SUW, by Andrew “AlphaWOLF” Gilmour

Sydney, by Brian “EvilBastard” Collins

TAC-ranger, by Michael ‘Magarnigal’ Mellor, August 19, 1998

Tekkaman Blade, by Michael ‘Magarnigal’ Mellor, October 11, 1998

Terminator, by James Edwards (Gwot), June 9, 1998

Unit00, by rogue 13 and Thump, January 21, 1999

Unit02, by rogue 13 and Thump, January 19, 1999

Warhammer WHM-6R, by Joe “Ebola” Woodrell, December 18, 1999

Warvet, by Conrad, August 29, 1999

Winger, by Brian “EvilBastard” Collins

Witchblade, by Alcor and Fragamite

Devil Hunter Yohko, by Brian “EvilBastard” Collins, July 9, 1998

Yoshi, by Chris Shelton, February 27, 1999

Yvonne, by Reed Hawker, July 1, 1999

Zumlin, by Rowan “Sumaleth” Crawford, October 20, 1998

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