Quake2.com — GIB: Quake II Scene Pack, by The Enforcer

“Hi. I’m The Enforcer (AKA Geoman). You’ve just come across GIB: Quake II Scenes. I’m here to bring you the most kick-ass Quake II, Quake, SiN, and now Half-Life scenes around. So go ahead and look around the site. If I do say so myself, It ownz.”

November 26, 1998 — Hi. I just got some free time (my brother is playing Zelda and I’m stuck on the boss of Half-Life) so I’m updateing the site a bit. Okay okay, so i didn’t update the site… but I am makeing a nice anoucement: COMING SOON ‘The Enforcer’s Scene Pack!!’ Yes, you read right, I’m working on a nice little pack of almost all of my scenes! They will all be on QSB format, so you can edit them, look at them in 3d, and even send edited versions to me to put on the site! Check in later for the pack.”

O.P.P.: Other People’s Pictures

-Excerpt and images courtesy of Quake2.com. For the full archive of the The Enforcers Quake II Scene Pack, please visit: http://www.quake2.com/scenes/

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