DoomCon Video Journal: DondeQ2 at QuakeCon 2019 the Year of Doom

“Arguably the most memorable of the weapons to make its debut in Quake II was the now-legendary railgun… ‘The railgun in Quake II was inspired by Eraser—the Arnold Schwarzenegger movie,’ Tim reveals. ‘I went to see it with the guys, and the next day I went to John Cash. I told John: ‘It’s like a rocket, but it’s an instant hit—it’s called a railgun!’” -“The making of Quake 2: Tim Willits explains how the classic id shooter came to be,” by Rory Milne, PC Gamer, March 01, 2019

“From the archives: PC Gamer features on the making of Quake,” by Wes Fenlon, June 22, 2016

“Quake II: This is the Big One,” by Steve Boxer, PC Gamer, October 1997

“Swansong makes a Quake 2 symbol out of sugar during the looong wait for food at Denny’s,” QuakeCon ’97 Pictures by Wendigo, Brian Hess, 1997, courtesy of

“The Circle of Death,” by Thai Pham, courtesy of

“CrossFire,” new map for Action Quake 2 by David Lundvall, July 2019, download the map at

DoomCon wallpaper, courtesy of QuakeCon News Network, 2019

“This is QuakeCon, Live in the BYOC!!!” by Quakecon News Network, YouTube, July 28, 2019

“Eraser – Baltimore Docks Fight (Part Two)” by Hey, It’s Mr. V,
Youtube, all rights reserved to Warner Bros., Eraser, 1996

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