Quakeweek: the Original Fake News Site for the Quake Community

Quakeweek, by spRocket (aka Miguel Tenazas, age 18, Manila, Philippines,) was born on April 30, 1997, put up on Geocities to serve as a temporary page for Kevin ‘Fragmaster’ Bowen’s The New Vore Times, which went ‘On Hiatus’ in mid-April of the same year. As time passed, Frags took on more responsibilities for PlanetQuake and eventually decided to shut down NVT for good, making Quakeweek its unofficial successor. Qweek moved to PlanetQuake on June 11th, and the rest is history. It is interesting to note that NVT was also once a temporary page for Sujoy’s Quake Pages, which was the original fake news site for the Quake community. Quakeweek officially shut down on October 15, 1997.”

Quakeweek: 1997 Year In Review

Quakeweek: Feedback

PlanetQuake interview with spRocket, by Figin

A quick look at the man behind the satire… the man who is: spRocket

“Hello Quake Fans, Figin here. I decided to put on my Geraldo Rivera cap and do some serious investigative reporting. I searched high and low for all the dirt on this dude known as spRocket who runs a page called QuakeWeek, which is a satirical look at all things Quakish. So after rumaging all over the net and not finding a damned bit of proof that he really even exists, I mailed him for the scoop. He was kind enough to answer a few questions. Seriously, this guy is one of the nicest and most funny guys I’ve ever seen online. His site is pure genius (I’ve always gotten off on satire, myself) and was glad that he took the time to speak to me. If you haven’t read his stuff before, go over there right now! Or at least wait until you’ve read the interview :) Enjoy!!”

Fragmaster’s New Vore Times: Quake Simply Not Kosher, by Lokatana

-All content courtesy of the Internet Archive, PlanetQuake.com/qweek.

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