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"Pauly Shore joins id. John Carmack announced yesterday its decision to hire the talentless actor to serve as comic relief during the hectic development process of Quake 2. 'So far,' said Carmack, 'Pauly has contributed some pretty good ideas. For instance, since Quake 2 will have absolutely nothing to do with Quake, he suggested changing the name to Pauly: The Game... He even gave us a new idea for a weapon, the weasel gun.' 'Check it, bro!' remarked Shore. 'In Quake, there's, like, Pauly-gons!'"

Gaming Pub: The Playing Fields

Gaming Pub: The Playing Fields The Playing Fields is a bar/café where you can relax and play computer games the way they are meant to be played - with someone else. We only have the best multiplayer games that are available. Ninja fast computers with loads of RAM, a lightning fast network and liquid smooth …

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