Carmack’s Head by Trey Harrison, Made in Seattle, 1998

Carmack’s Head by Trey Harrison, Made in Seattle, 1998

————– Carmack’s Head ————–


head.pcx – Shot of the model in the game.
(I replaced the rocket launcher in base0.bsp)

pickup.pcx – The icon that appears when you pick it up.

I’ve got no clue what it does.

Trey Harrison

Programming Stuff


Spring 1999, Seattle

People say this is the quintessential Trey photo
Me 1 day after my hair was dyed red. Preparing to go to AroSpace, the coolest freaking club on Capitol Hill
Me and Kelly at the CS Barbeque Matrix Style Photo by Eugene Hsu

Winter 1998

Vern, Heaven, and Me. Christmas Eve at Grandma’s
Fight Pic #2 (Adria, Justin)
Kelly helps Whitney overprepare for an exam.
Naomi reads about Sepultura
Michelle’s dog
Adria is missing her boyfriend
Me those glasses cost five dollars
Steve – that’s a wine cooler
Steve on Adria’s bed – shhhhh
A corner of my room
3 wild and crazy guys in the kitchen (Chris, Justin, Erik)
Whitney feeds Fatty McGee, our squirrel (in the kitchen)
Travis talking about sports. or knives.

Spring 1998, Seattle

Trey with new haircut and Kram teeshirt
Gmoney aka Chris and his pizza
Derick – did I spell that right
Neda, Kelly, Ivy, Whitney, Steve, Trey (me)
the holt bros – steve and brian
Pappy Holt
My dog phoebe 20x magnification

Old Photos (1997 and past)

Erik and me (Trey)
Chris and Steve
Adria and Steve
Adria and the wall
My arcade games – only SFII remains
Me and my dad – i look really tall
Michelle and me in formal attire – yikes
Me (Trey) in Junior year

GameSpot What’s New, Friday, March 7, 1997: Up Close with Golgotha

Order Now on RedBubble: John Carmack’s Face design by Trideceth12, from North Sydney, Australia

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