Clan Xtreme Detriment Invades ID Software! August 30th, 2000

Clan Xtreme Detriment Invades ID Software! August 30th, 2000

August 30th, 2000 X-D invades ID… Welcome to ID Software! [note from DondeQ2: I took some creative liberty with the photo captions transcript to make it a more readable story and for the sake of (hopefully) good humor!] Would you like something to drink? ID accolades and memorabilia… <breeze blowing> <sounds of Quake in the distance> Remember Quake II? Top secret discussions… “Hey dude, did you figure it out yet?” asked Craze. Shall we begin? Asked Tim Willits. “Yo dude, both our names start with a P…” said Joe Rogan, aka Primate, before freaking out. “OMG MY EYES ARE STUCK OPEN!” The other P, Pilgrim asked, “Dinner? Do we have to stop?” Craze hacked into the top secret shit. “Hell, I can frag without even looking…” said Pilgrim, while at the same time smiling using only his eyes. Craze haxored on, when Willits looked the other way. GotRocks smelled girthy joysticks and began prowling the memorabilia. Menthol found the biggest joystick ever, and he was like whoa. Meanwhile, a totally unknown ID dude slowly fell forward towards the singularity at the heart of his kick ass 21″ wide-screen CRT monitor. A top secret play tester confirmed, “I have the best job in the world!” Top secret play testers get hella paid. Like every 2 weeks. Razor giggled while Menthol owned noobs with a large joystick controller: this shit is too easy. Craze, high on low ping, scoffed, “6 ping? Man, you’re laggin’ out…” Willits plugged Rogan (but thankfully, not his head.) Craze, deeply stoned from interfacing with ID’s Software, intoned, “I cannot BELIEVE how far you can Rocket Jump off this map…” Primate saw Top Secret Shit: The Carmack. Menthol, crazed from his perfect 1:1 control using the Very Expensive and Large Joystick to Play Quake, refused to give up his new toy. Tim Willits liked his Game of the Year trophy better anyway. Craze, with the innocent eyes of a junkie, asked sweetly, “One more frag? Please?” It was half past midnight. Tim Willits respectfully replied, “I don’t actually live at the office, now get the hell out of here!”

Clan Xtreme Detriment Roster, 2000

Clan Xtreme Detriment News, 1999

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  • Ouch !!…its been a while since i last updated the news section …..ITS 1999 !!….so lets party like it is !…or FRAG like it is !…so you ask ..what have i been up to lately …well the clan ladder is finished …very simple …figured thats all we needed …also working on a little tourney that FLAGRANT is helping with …got a new page look coming along with the help of MENTHOL and some SHOCKWAVE ..should be sweet !
  • We have been working on a lot with Q2 ..for ladders and such …the plays seem to be going at a good rate …we need to be a little bit more into the practice’s i think tho…but other then that ..things are going good…stop by the LADDER and challenge someone !




  • Whelp we are still hitting hard on the RA2 ladder !….but we have dropped out of the DM and CTF ladder..which I think is not at all a bad idea….we can now concentrate more on RA2 ..which I think is one of  the better mods out there :)….working more on some FLASH web page design…hoping I can incorporated it into this page !…i keep seeing more and more pages with FLASH out there…and frankly im getting a little jealous !




  • best QUOTE ever !… “It is when we are closest to death, it is then that we feel most alive!” not sure where its from but its a great one !..
  • Matches all across the board !….well maybenot all across nothing on CTF as far as i know ..but in RA2 and DM we are packed this week ….tonight we have a match against NX at 9:00 central….not sure who all is in on this one ..but if your interested get with CRAZE on that …and as for DM we have a match the very next day on thursday against KLAN KATZ…get with RAZOR for some more info on that one !!….




  • Yeah thats right ..the battle of the SEXES in RA2 has went our way !!…we won 11-1 for the total maps played….not too shabby i must say …and what a fill in RAZOR did for us …i was a bit late on making it to the match ..but razor pulled some shit out of OLD SCHOOL and put a hurting on PMS….(who i must say did very well)…GG all…
  • Also we are getting everyones clan mail setup…so i hope everyone else is doing there part as well !….because from here on out thats where our messages will be coming from ! If you dont have yours setup or dont have any clue on what im talking about get with Ktulu!



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