PlanetQuake: Riding the Rocket — Weekly Quake II Trickjump Challenges, by Kaj s8n Haffenden

Riding the Rocket is a Quake 2 Competitions website. Each week three challenges are posted of varying difficulty. Players can then submit demos of themselves attempting the challenges, and we nominate the most stylish entrants (usually; we also accept bribes) the winners for that week. The challenges usually involve some sort of trickjump, ranging from a simple rocketjump or doublejump to a more advanced circlejump or bunnyhop. Viewers are also invited to submit new challenges at any time. If we deem them suitable they will feature as a future weekly challenge.” -Kaj s8n Haffenden

Riding the Rocket — Competitions: Quake II Trickjump Challenges

= Challenge 2-2 =

WINNER: Bain Excellent style! The BFG jump to the red armour is difficult to start with; let alone a falling one! On map q2dm2; perform a bfg-jump from the platform just above the water-filled room containing the two lifts (the platform has two ladders leading up to it) up to the red armour. Demo will be judged on completion of the task, and style.

= Challenge 3-1 =

WINNER: Swoop Well, here it is; the jump everyone’s been waiting for… presented to you, in all it’s glory; by Swoop! On map q2dm1, WITHOUT using any weapons; you must get from the ledge containing the hyperblaster to the top ledge containing the grenade launcher. You MAY NOT leave the central area, and you are not permitted to use the big lift under the top ledge. Demo will be judged on completion of the task and style.

= Challenge 3-2 =

WINNER: No Winner. This wasn’t really that hard you know.. hell, if you had’ve just sent in a demo of you walking along the ledge you would’ve won! Here’s me doing a couple of the many possible jumps. Update: RD|Julios sent along this demo, and while it can not win for being late; it’s a great watch! On q2dm1, get to the ledge containing the rockets and health beside the railgun pool in as many different ways as possible. Different means you are not allowed to rocketjump from the ground AND the stairs. If you are not sure if two methods are similar; do them both anyway but only one of them may count. The winner will be given by who demonstrates, successfully, the most ways of getting to the ledge; and how stylish they were in doing so. Note: I want all the methods in one demo.

= Challenge 3-3 =

WINNER: No Winner. This, on the other hand; was rather difficult but ultimately quite possible. The trick was to flick-strafe-jump onto the top of the backpack blocks, and from there to the mega (or via the light, like I did in the demo: After getting the first jump right eventually I didn’t want to stuff up on the easy part :). Here’s my version. On map q2dm1 (again! Who’s bored of this map already? :), you must get from the armour in the megahealth room (on top of the blocks) to the megahealth without using any weapons and without touching the ground. Cheats of any kind (including changing sv_gravity) are not permitted. Demo will be judged on completion of the task, and the least number of jumps needed, and style (style may outweigh number of jumps in judging, however).

= Challenge 8-1: EASY =

WINNER: caulfield caulfield assures me the remaining 69 health in his demo was pure coincidence =). In q2dm6; jump into the lava pictured here on the right-hand side, swim under the pipe and emerge on the other side on the ladder. No god mode allowed; just a single ‘give all’ so you must start the challenge with 100 health / 200 armour. Winner will be judged on least health lost. Note power armour, as always, is NOT permitted unless I say it is.

= Challenge 10-2: HARD =

WINNER: Mr Shambler aka LostSpirit This was what I was looking for especially — the switch jump. The switch jump provides the quickest way to get to the SSG, but the ladder bug is the quickest way to get to the ledge. The second method in this demo doesn’t count, as it uses the ladder… In q2dm3 you must get from the ground in this screenshot to the ledge marked ‘B’ WITHOUT using the ladder or any weapons, and without leaving the room.

= Challenge 11-3: UNFAIR =

WINNER: DarkDeath DarkDeath’s on a roll here… the backwards jumping gave his entry the edge over the others, however the Artistic Award must go to Mojox who KeyGripped in a soundtrack aswell in his demo. Okay, this isn’t a very fair challenge at all to those who posess erm.. ‘framerate-challenged’ machines, but it’s such a useful and little-known trick I had to include it. On q2dm8, without using any weapons, you have to get from A to B in this screenshot without leaving the room.

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