3TCTF: 3 Team Capture the Flag for Quake II by Dutch Orange Legion

3TCTF: 3 Team Capture the Flag for Quake II by Dutch Orange Legion

What can I tell you about 3tctf… Well, it’s the only 3 team CTF with the original CTF in it. NO Classes, just the normal CTF like you know it. We’re still testing the mod on a secret server that will be put public in a few days for everybody to play. Just remember that the clientfile you have to download is a beta version. When the mod comes out for real you have to download a new client Pak again… That’s the only drawback…. Client file will be around the 10 Mb…

Final version of the game will contain: A total of 8 maps. 7 of them are designed by DOL’s MapLAB. Map ‘3tctf6, Lord’s cave’ is made by iQ.Lord Darkness. There will be a win32 and a Linux version of the mod.  Skins and textures are made by [DOL]MissRookie. Programming is done by DCB-SuperCow! and porting of the mod to a Linux version is done by *NuT5*Dessignator and Grizzly.


Dutch Orange Legion: MapLAB 3TCTF Development


Dutch Orange Legion MapLAB Plan / Status Report

December 28
3TCTF: 3TCTF12 & 3TCTF13 (MapLAB) and 3TCTF14 & 3TCTF15 (NUTS Lord Darkness) are under development.

December 24
CTF: Completed DOLCTF1w “DOL Warscene1”.
DOLCTF2w “DOL Warscene2” under development.

December 21
3TCTF: Completed additional map number 1 ….. 3TCTF11 “Underworld”….. more additional maps will follow !
3TCTF12 & 3TCTF13 are already under development.

November 4
In some maps parts of walls turns to grey when standing at particulair points… this is strange since the bases are exact copies so you would expect that when this “bug” happens in one base it should happen in the other base because it is a exact copy… but this isn’t the case… strange…. we have found some of the same “bugs” in the original singele player quake maps so we think it is a bug in the render engine of quake2 (maybe it has something to do with a brush flag called “solid” / “non_solid” ?)…. however, we don’t have any time trying to solve the problem because the release of the 3tCTF mod is tomorrow… the “bug” appears only in 2 or 3 maps and it isn’t that bad… however, whe want to know why this happens so whe can avoid it in the future.

October 23
All 10 maps for 3TCTF are completed !

October 18
3TCTF10 “Final Fight” completed…
3TCTF9 near completion…

October 14
3TCTF8 “Aces High” is one day away of completion…
3TCTF3 “Rendes-Vouz with Death” wil be changed one more time :-(

October 11
3TCTF6 “Lord’s Cave”. Completed.

October 9
3TCTF7 “Death Wish”. Final version ready.
3TCTF8 “…” under construction, this will be the last, planned, map… however… we try to create one or two extra maps before the release of the mod.

October 4
3TCTF3 “Rendez-vous with Death”. Final version ready.
We now have 5 complete maps ready, wich is the minimum number of maps…. we want 8 :-) ….. map6 and map7 are under construction… map8 will be soon.

October 1
3TCTF2 “Waterworld”. Final version ready.
3TCTF5 “The Sewer”. completed/testing. (We think there will be no problems, so it should be the final version :-)

September 29
3TCTF1 “First Contact”. Final version ready.
3TCTF4 “Under Siege”. Final version ready.
A few textures are modified (3tctf5 sewer tubes: red, green, blue) they look better now :-)
Well, we think we can make 2 more maps this week… 3tctf7 and 3tctf8, should be possible.

September 28
We’ve received a nice test report from DCB SuperCow… they’ve tested the mod on a lan party, thanks for the feedback !
There is going to be a dedicated website (under construction) for 3TCTF… it will be located athttp://3tctf.gamepoint.net/
At the moment we are busy with streamlining the existing maps… and with completing 3TCTF5 “The Sewer” and 3TCTF6 “Lord’s Cave”.

September 26
Most maps need to be adjusted a bit and than recalculated… so it depends on the time that this takes wether there will be more maps…. we are on a deathline here :-) In the current situation there will be 6 maps in the release version…. we wanted 8 maps but due to map fixing jobs we don’t think we will reach that number…. map building is a time consuming process :-)

September 21
3TCTF1 “First Contact” – We might add an extra passageway in the central neutral section going from the blue team to the green team…. this is because of both the blue’s and the green’s run to red easier than blue to green or vice versa (get that?) We don’t know why but qrad3 seems to hang if -bounce 6 or higher is used, currently the map is rendered with -bounce 4 :-( ……. we want at least -bounce 8……
However, we seem to be the only ones that notice the difference hehe…. that’s because of we know how a section looks with -bounce 8 or higher… all sections are divided into visgroups and were rendered seperately with -bounce 8 or higher during tests.

September 27
The map is currently undergoing some changes… the plan is to brake down some big rooms in smaller rooms…. maybe add an extra passageway wich leads to the base.

September 29
Ok, map changed. This will be the final version.
Changed the central neutral section. It’s fair for all teams now. Added teleporters for additional entrances/exits.
Changed the sections named red0, blue0, green0, wich are the rooms with acid and water. There are extra walls now and teleporters and teleporter destinations.
Added small banners to the red, blue and green base.
Shifted some textures into their proper positions…(plates on where the flags are standing)
Red Base: fixed the “rocket dropped to floor” error… the rockets were half on a floorlight… hence the error.
The map is now being calculated…. lets see…. its half way qvis3 at the moment :-) …. at the time you read this the map should be completed.

September 24
3TCTF2 “Waterworld” – Hacked the .bsp and inserted the railgun the hard way….. we inserted a rocketlauncher at the central neutral section instead of a railgun. Fixed.

September 27
Think we will insert the railgun the legal way… and also change a passageway from green to blue a little bit. Then it needs to be recalculated…

September 28
We definitely insert the rail gun the legal way… otherwise map checksum problems may arise, and the map will be slightly changed any how so this is not a problem.

Oktober 1
The planned changes are made… map calculated… ready.

September 21
3TCTF3 “Rendez-Vous with Death” – When standing at particular places in the central neutral section walls in the distant (part of the base internals) seems to disappear… also, the r_speeds values are a bit high when standing at particulair places… We think we rebuild the central neutral section to fix the problems and gain game speed… in multiplayer maps we always prefer gamespeed above great detail… lots of details and bad knowledge of brush dimensions and the way VIS works are often the reason why a lot of homemade maps are slow.

September 27
I’m not satisfied with the neutral outland section at all (speedwise)… think we’ll change it completely.

September 28
The central neutral section is removed. It was to slow for online games ! A new central neutral section is under construction.

October 4
Created a new neutral section, actually three neutral sections with teleporters to the other neutral sections… the neutral sections are connected with the rooms that leads to the bases… so this one is now also 100% fair for all teams !

September 21
3TCTF4 “Under Siege” – No problems…. everything went smooth…. exept we forgot to insert the grenadelauncher… wich was the plan :-( arga. … a hectic map this is gonna be I think :-)

September 24
Added the grenadelauncher and shifted some textures into their proper positions. Only need to be calculated now and the final version is complete.

September 29
Map is calculated. Final version.
We decided to keep the “sewer tubes” as they are. So you need some skill to quickly go in and out :-)

September 24
3TCTF5 “The Sewer” – Well this one is still under construction and it will be trully 100% fair to all teams…. the other maps are fair do… base wise… all bases are exact copies but its very hard to make the central neutral section fair for all teams… in reality, when playing, I don’t think you notice it any how… but… the only way to make it 100% fair for all teams is by using teleporters… so you get rid of the central neutral section :-)

October 4
Map completed, 100% fair for all three teams even do there is only one central neutral section….

September 21
3TCTF6 “Lord’s Cave” – Under construction.

September 26
MapLAB is now doing the copy and pasting jobs because LordDarkness’s system was slowing down big time when he did the copy and pasting stuff…. The trick here is to divide the level into visgroups… copy an area, turn the copied area off… and do a paste :-) … don’t know if LordDarkness did that ? … Ask him Miss :-)
We will send him a .map and a .rmf version (you need an .rmf version if you wanna use visgroups)
Handle it Miss… :-)

October 3
Well…. LordDarkness creates three seperate bases (all the same, different colours, different lightning) and we will handle the copy and paste stuff wich results in one map :-)

October 11
Map completed !

October 9
3TCTF7 “Death Wish” – Final version ready… no problems.

October 14
3TCTF8 “Aces High” – Under construction….

October 18
Completed, no problems at all.

October 23
3TCTF9 “Knights of Darkness” – Completed (iq.LordDarkness)

October 18
3TCTF10 “Final Fight” – Completed, no problems at all.


SuPaCoW Mod Plan / Status Report

January 18-25 – 1999 – Multimod status report
I’ve been working on the new version for weeks and I hope to get it all finished at the end of next week. Hoped to test the competition mode on the BCQ2 lan this weekend, but I didn’t want to. It’s still a rush version without really checking things out. Not only that… The game doesn’t end yet if the time reaches zero. I still have to add code to display who won in the competition mode.

Done some checking on my computer and login onto the server with my laptop. Activating competition mode and testing it this way. I’m afraid for what happens if 15 people respawn at same time to start a match in competition mode. I simply don’t know what happens. Will they all overflow or some of them? Testing it on the internet is the only way to find out. If it doesn’t work, I’ll have to rewrite some code that the players respawn over a period of 2 seconds.

The new comptition mode works like the normal CTF. Actually it’s almost the same. I still have to add some messages that players have to type ‘ready’ to start the match. Tried to make it the same way as the Zoids CTF competition mode, because this system is well known and very good designed.

I’m now finishing the in-game menus of the new supported modes/games. I wrote a new menu creation system that allows to create menus for each game. This will save me a lot of time adding new menus. Each mod doesn’t really differ that much from the other games looking at the menus.

Each mode/game has his own scoreboard and layout of the screen called the ‘hud’. This takes a lot of time. Taking note that the original code for the scoreboard of CTF is buggy. Let me say this; a number of overlowed players are caused because of buggy code in the scoreboard. I’m rewriting the original CTF code to make it more stable.

I finally got rid of the Netchan_errors caused by the in-game menus and scoreboards. This is still a big problem for the other mods. But it seems to be fixed in the new version. I haven’t seen a nethan_error for while, so I suppose it works fine now. These errors don’t do much, but they are a warning for overflows.

Last week I got a message that there’s a really big server crash bug in the original CTF 1.02. Players are able to crash any mod using that code, that includes 3tctf. This has been fixed in the new version. Thanks to L-Fire for giving me inside info about this. In return they actually asked me how I fixed the flag dissapear bug. Well this is funny…. 8)

KOWF (Kill the One With the Flag) is almost finished. I still have to create the scoreboards and HUD designs for 2 and 3 team playermode. HUD design is a problem. KOWF is using 4 extra items on the HUD for displaying the time you hold the flag. I probably have to get rid of some extra stuff to display all information. I can on only use 32 items in the HUD and standard items (health, armor etc) is taking 15 already, leaving me 17 for the mod. Each icon (team red, blue and green icons) uses 1 of those, 3 in total for team logos. (In the mod these are called STATS) If I want to display the total time for each team at the left of the icon (like the name of the flagcarrier in (3T)CTF) if will use another 3 Stats. 11 left… 1 for the name of player that you can be chasing, 1 for possible flashing icon when you hold the flag. # of frags, # of player, your rank etc. These take Stats like I take cookies.

I hope that if MapLAB plays KOWF they want to make some maps for this game. The maps are very small, actually they are more fun when they are small. A small arena with a lot of weapons is fun. So I’m asking MapLAB to join me on the first real test sometime this week. Maybe after the war on Friday against A_51?

KOWF, like the other gamemodes, have the competition mode. I’m wondering what a war with 3 teams is like with KOWF in a normal q2dm1 map…

Dessignator is writing the code for the support with clanbase. His code saves all kind of info; who did you shoot, how many times, with what weapon. How much ammo did you use etc. After the war you’ll be able to see this information on clanbase.

That’s it for now. I’ll end this newflash with a weather report: It’s rainy.

January 15 – 1999 – Major 3TCTF update – MapPack & MultiMod support.
We are working hard on the next server version and the release of the mappack. We are planning a 5 map update and a complete new serverside upgrade for servers. *NuT5*Dessignator is helping me on some new stuff.

New Maps
4 out of 5 maps are finished.
3tctf12 didn’t make it, it was too big. Maker of the map decided to pull back the map for selection.
MapLAB created 3tctf11 “Underworld” and 3tctf13 “Apocalypse”…
*NuT5*Lord Darkness, winner of a award for making ‘pkctf1’ CTF map, will make a 3rd map, 3tctf12, based on his CTF map ‘pkctf1’. He already made 3tctf14 and 3tctf15.
3tctf15 is our 3tctf McKinley version, named ‘Mckinley’s Nightmare’

MultiMod support… the mods: 3tCTF, CTF, KOWF, DM.

We all know CTF. But 3TCTF will support normal Q2CTF as well. With the same possibilities as 3TCTF, except without the 3tctf techs. This is not possible because the game module isn’t able to get access to the models of the techs in normal CTF. As a default you won’t be able to drop the tech and pick it back up again in q2ctf mode, like you are used to in 3TCTF. This can be enabled with admin though.

What is KOWF? Well it stands for ‘Kill the One With the Flag’. It’s a game like Catch The Chicken, but it’s very different. There’s one flag. Get it! And hold on to it. You can defend yourself (differs from CTC). Only the flagcarrier will be able to pickup techs and use them (differs from CTC). It’s you against the rest. Play KOWF in competition mode, 2 teams, 3 teams or single. The team or person (single mode) who has the longest (total) holding time will win the game.
KOWF was my very first Mod I made for Q2. But I never released it. Why? I don’t know… I finished it before Catch The Chicken came out. But simply didn’t put any energy into it for releasing. We played KOWF after we played a clanwar and on LAN’s. But now it’s back! And complete with team mode and match mode. This mod is already working fully and will go under testing within a week.

– DM
Normal Deathmatch with support for 2 or 3 teams with own DM skins.

There are a lot of new options, complete game-control with admin and other small changes !
For the complete story surf to the official 3tCTF site !

January 10 – 1999
3tctf gaat de volgende dingen ondersteunen:
DM (met admin zoals wij die kennen in CTF)
CTF (admin beter dan 1.5)
3TCTF (met admin)
KOWF Geen team, 2 teams, 3 teams (met admin)

KOWF werkt al aardig. DM zit er al bijna in, CTF is een kwestie van tijd. (paar dagen)

January 6 – 1999
Clanbase gaat mijn nieuwe CTF mod gebruiken voor wars. Ik ga 3tctf aanpassen zodat ie ook normale CTF draait (geen 2 mods dus, maar 2 in 1). De plan is om de server instellen op Clanbase, en dan via een settings regeltje die je krijgt van Clanbase kan je de server instellen. bv: set admin_serverinfo “werqrqr3434” Die string is de instelling voor de server. Deze regel voeg je toe aan je autoexec.cfg (alleen de admin, rest niet) Zodra je dan admin wordt, dan stelt de server zich in op de setting. Het weet dan de maps die gespeelt worden, hoe lang, etc. etc. De hele war wordt dan in 1 keer gespeelt. Nogal veel voordelen… Zelfs een tijdelijke password op de server is mogelijk, geen gezeik met spectators die er niet horen… 8) Ow Clanbase en Gamepoint zijn nogal hebberig op dit idee 8)


The Mod Central preview of 3TCTF by Sluggo (11/5/98)

Bored with Q2CTF? Looking for something a little more hectic? 3TCTF does just that and puts a new spin on id’s Quake II Capture The Flag by throwing a third team into the mix. In addition to supporting all the Q2CTF features, 3TCTF includes 10 original maps, two new techs, new skins and new graphics for the green team (using the Quake ‘Q’ as its logo). The mod also allows for a player or team to perform a ‘double capture’ if they have both enemy flags.

The 10 new 3-team maps are fairly well-done. Most are on the large side (as you might expect with three teams) and all the bases are laid out symmetrically to be fair to each team. Each map has the bases laid out either “T”-style, or completely separated from each other and only accessible via teleporters. Some of the bases are a bit more closed off than in most CTF maps, but this seems to benefit the defense some, and they’ll need all the help they can get in this mod. I noticed a few odd textures here and there, but you’ll hardly care as you’re racing home with two flags on your back.

With the addition of a third team, the idea to add a third pair of techs is a good one. The “Vampire” tech can be quite powerful, allowing you to increase your health as you cause damage to others, and is a good addition to the mod. The “AmmoGen” produces an ammo pack over every player you frag, and while it doesn’t quite pack the same punch as other techs, it’s not bad, either. 3TCTF also includes some new quality skins, and I especially liked the ones for the blue team (see screenshot).

As with most mods, there are a few things to nitpick over. First, you have to have A LOT of players to really enjoy 3TCTF. 2-3 players per team doesn’t cut it on these maps, so you’ll need to find a crowded server (15+ players works well), which isn’t always easy. I’m not crazy about having to use teleporters to get from one base from another, and while it didn’t seem to be that big an issue in the games I played, I’d prefer the maps all had direct routes from one base to the others. I also had a problem at times with the grapple – it seemed to have a bit more of a kickback than in Q2CTF – but that could just be my 400+ ping doin’ the talking again. :)

After playing for a while, I found it interesting how much the addition of a third team affected gameplay. With twice as many enemies running around, players seemed to gravitate to defense to help keep their flag at base. There was very little communication in the games I played, but everyone seemed to know what they should be doing. When one team had two flags, both other teams would simultaneously show up at the third’s doorstep, armed and pissed. For someone who’s played a lot of pickup CTF, it was nice to see players instinctively fulfilling specific roles instead of just running around aimlessly.

The Bottom Line: 3TCTF is a quality Q2 mod offering an option to Q2CTF fans looking for something new. If you can find a server with enough players, you won’t be disappointed.


Mod Central’s 3TCTF Preview: The Maps

It’s no secret that quality original maps can make or break a mod. Rocket Arena, LMCTF, Capture, Action Quake, and Jailbreak all had original maps that contributed to their overall success, and 3TCTF has 10 new original maps to play on, complete with 3 bases apiece.

The 10 maps included with 3TCTF all contain 3 bases (surprised?) and are about as symmetrical as you can get in a 3-team setting. Most of the bases are laid out in a “T” pattern, while other maps have bases completely cut off from one another – each is accessible only via teleporter and a main crossroads area.

As you would imagine, most of the maps are big in size and can easily support large amounts of players without getting overcrowded. In 3TCTF, 12-24 players is probably best – less than 6 players and you’ll most likely end up roaming the hallways looking for something to do. While I was able to play a few matches, none of them were that overcrowded, so it remains to be seen what the lag factor will be on the maps with large open spaces.

3tctf1 – “First Contact”

The first map in the 3TCTF episode has a small flag room flanked by two similarly sized rooms for the defense to patrol. Both lead to two large upper rooms, which in turn lead to the crossroads area. The crossroads has clear markings indicating the direction to each base, and also has teleporters to each upper base as well.

3tctf2 – “Waterworld”

The second map consists of underground tunnels leading to the separate bases…and a lot of water. There’s one outdoor crossroads area, and an alternate teleporter room that leads to all three bases. One nice touch in the crossroads area is a BFG that’s off-limits…or is it?

3tctf3 – “Rendez-Vous with Death”

The bases in this indoor map are completely cut off from each other – each base has teleporters leading to a main crossroads area, which has teleporters leading to all three bases. The bases are nicely laid out with a bit of a “Stronghold Opposition” feel to them…just remember to have defense patroling the various teleport spots.

3tctf4 – “Under Siege”

Another indoor map, Under Siege consists of three open bases with two main exits each – one via land and the other via underground tunnels. You can see both levels of the crossroads below.

3tctf5 – “The Sewer”

The Sewer is an indoor map in which each base is only accessible through the use of the teleporters and a main crossroads area. The bases are set up quite nicely for defense, so attacks must be well-coordinated.

3tctf6 – “Lord’s Cave”

Lord’s Cave has three indoor bases, each leading to a large outdoor area. Each base can only be accessed via a small crossroads area with teleporters to each base. There’s a BFG above the crossroads, but it’s well-protected by a security grid…hmmm, could there be a way to get through it? ;-)

3tctf7 – “Death Wish”

Death Wish is a nice, tight indoor CTF map with 2 distinct routes to each base meeting at one small crossroads. There’s a basic lower level route to each base, as well as an upper level, allowing flag carriers to get in and get out quickly, similar to the layout in Q2CTF3 “The Smelter”.

3tctf8 – “Aces High”

Aces High is set in a processing plant with a large open flag room for each team and an indoor/outdoor crossroads area (once again accessible only via teleporters). If you check closely in the crossroads area, you might find one crate with some interesting contents. :)

3tctf9 – “Knights of Darkness”

This is probably my favorite map out of the bunch. Mostly outside, Knights of Darkness offers plenty of places to to run, but still has a flag room small enough to be well-defended on its own. The teleporters are placed too far apart to all be protected, so you’ll have to be on your toes if you want to keep enemies completely out.

3tctf10 – “Final Fight”

The last level in the episode, Final Fight is well done and has a “T”-based format connecting the bases. There’s one main route to each base, but there are several levels available, allowing you to take either the high or low road to the enemy flag. The flag rooms are of a medium size, and offer many options to defensive players.

And that’s it for the Mod Central preview of 3TCTF! The mod should be out shortly, so be on the lookout for it and let the authors know what you think!


Carvey’s 3TCTF News

(SBS)Carvey – Thursday, October 26th, 2000
MORE excellent news, well FrenchGirl’s 3tctf server didn’t last too long.. BUT! Thankfully we now have 2, that’s right 2 3tctf servers! They are both Expert CTF which I still like a lot!! The IP’s are (T-3!) and (T-1), also remember SBS way back in the 3tctf days? Well me and Weiser brought it back and it is now a 3tctf clan! We have a web-site in the making so stay tuned!

]RTF[.Carvey – Wednesday, August 23rd, 2000
3tctf now has a server thanks to FRENCHGIRL!! It will be rail only, offhand laser hook 1 shot killz just like ACME. Please go to the server at

Carvey:|SnD| – Friday, July 27th, 2000
GREAT NEWS! [No Clan] Spaz said that we have a really good chance of him running a server on a DS3 line in mid september! Woohoo! I can’t wait! Thanks Spaz, everybody thank Spaz!

Carvey:|SnD| – Thursday, July 19th, 2000
Hi, I got reply’s from people and no good news yet. Netdoor has said that maybe they’ll run it for a couple of days next month, and [TF] Sabrina said that it would lag too much on his server wasn’t good enough. Although it’s unsuccessful so far I will NOT give up to get 3tctf a server. Thank’s to NaceZ:|SnD|’s demos on our clan site. They’ve made me want to get a 3tctf server more then ever ;)

Carvey:|SnD| – Friday, July 14th, 2000
Hello again, I’ve contacted a few people today regarding 3tctf having a good server. I’ve contacted Netdoor who have a Rocket Arena Server and a CTF server and [TF]’s Sabrina. I also told Captured.com about the news hopefully they can advertise the mod for us.

Carvey:|SnD| – Thursday, July 13th, 2000
Hello everyone, I decided to update this site again because I missed the 3tctf mod so much! I am going to try my hardest to get a server up and running. If you visit the files section you can download 3tctf full which is really hard to find, the server files are there too. Please keep in touch, thanks.


Snipers of Armageddon 3TCTF Forum


3TCTF Skins Page


The CLQ: Popular Q2 3TCTF Servers


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