1 More Way 2 Change Urself — Quake and Quake II Skins, by Lena Petrenko

"Hi! My name is Lena Petrenko. I was born in 1974. My hometown is Dedowsk. It's very small town. :) Now I live in Moscow but I visit my native town every week. I want to tell you as much I can but I can't because I was a lazy student at my English lessons :-)"

3TCTF: 3 Team Capture the Flag for Quake II by Dutch Orange Legion

What can I tell you about 3tctf... Well, it's the only 3 team CTF with the original CTF in it. NO Classes, just the normal CTF like you know it. Final version of the game will contain: A total of 8 maps. 7 of them are designed by DOL's MapLAB. Map '3tctf6, Lord's cave' is made by iQ.Lord Darkness. There will be a win32 and a Linux version of the mod.  Skins and textures are made by [DOL]MissRookie. Programming is done by DCB-SuperCow! and porting of the mod to a Linux version is done by *NuT5*Dessignator and Grizzly.