Augmented Reality Quake: a 3D Game for a 3D World

ARQuake: The Outdoor Augmented Reality Gaming System by Wayne Piekarski and Bruce Thomas

Big thank you to the Tinmith Augmented Reality Project for maintaining an excellent archive of research, photos and videos, without which this deep dive in ARQuake would not have been possible. Please check out for more information!


“Multiplayer Augmented Reality Pokémon Battles” by Bradley Treuherz, 2018

The Lawnmower Man trailer, 1992

Power Glove commercial by Nintendo, 1989

U-Force commercial by Broderbund, 1989

Virtual Boy Commercial by Nintendo, 1995

“This Special Helmet Combines Augmented Reality with Computer Vision to Assist Firefighters” (Qwake Technologies) by Interesting Engineering, 2018

Today Tonight, Channel 7, Adelaide, South Australia, 2002

The Screen Savers, G4TV, Wearable Quake, 2002 (approx)

Future Motion Control Gaming by RocketJump, 2011

“How Artists Are Shaping the Future of Augmented Reality” by Adobe, 2018

And last but certainly not least! BIG THANK YOU to the patrons for funding the DondeQ2 gaming history videos. You guys are the best and I can’t thank you enough for allowing me to pursue my passion for the history of Quake:

Ray (Quake God)
Beaver (Quake God)
Christina and Eliot
Alan W. (thank you for upping the support!)
Kate and Peter
Leslie Larue Lamont

For as little as $1 a month you can help produce these Quake gaming history videos! Please visit

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Thank you for watching!

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