Drachs Australia Quake 2 Maps / Backshooters Forum on Hacking Maps

Backshooters Forum: Hacking Maps, November 2003

In 2003, Jester called out drachs for modding his map jlib “Lessons in Brutality” without permission: “This message is for Drachs. Do not decompile my maps and then change something to suit you. If you ask for permission that is something else, but do not do it without asking and then criticize me for what I did. I clipped the stairs in jlib for game play because you can jump higher off the clipped brush than just the stairs. Make your own maps and leave mine alone!”

Drachs apologized: “What happened is, here in Australia there are no decent public q2 servers. So a small group of us started running a private server on weekends. We really liked playing maps like jlib, maybe too much, hence the modifications. They were never released or passed off as my own works. I can totally understand you being pissed off. So again I apologise.”

Jester replied: “Apology excepted Drach. I kinda thought that someone out there might mess with any maps I release to the public, seems like a risk you take. Asking permission would just make things a little easier. The thing that really causes problems is to insult someone elses work on your website.  So as long as the what the f*** statement is removed, no hard feelings.”


How Delightful: Drachs Custom Quake 2 Maps


drachsdm1 (beta) ..my duel/dm map (for ppl with intermediate jumping skillz) drachsdm2 (alpha) ..looks like another map with more of the same :) still in theyre beta/alpha stages of development turning out ok so far i think :)


The Karelian Isthmus (beta 7) by Drach’nyen

drachsdm1b7 by drachs


Taught by Drach’nyen (Lessons in Brutality by Jester)

jlib_v2 by drachs


Satan’s Dawt: Australian Quake 2 Clan News

08:NOVEMBER:2001 – drachs: Well.. tel$tra are improving my adsl service (apparently, although its still going to be routed through melb!?) and charging more money for less (yay). A side effect of this is that they have decided to riddle the poor dsl service with a whole heap of packet loss. So i got bored the other night and started jumping up the jumpclimb maps. So, who wants a race?  Those didnt take me very long to do and can easily be improved upon. Hours of fun for the whole family!

26:OCTOBER:2001 – drachs: More bits and pieces fixed. The jpg at the top of the page somehow has a slightly different colour background to the page !#$% Ah well, just an excuse to make a better logo that plain text shitty thing. I think the Demos section will just be a slow process of uploading above average demos. Three up atm thanks to darky and his vast archive. I think I’ll make that section his job to look after and maintain :) I might tell people about this site today / tommorow, and get sD to start posting when they feel the desire. Spose I need to make the html a little easier first…

25:OCTOBER:2001 – drachs: Yawn, small updates here and there. Nothing major. A few small things are annoying me still.  Might start to add something to the demo section today or tommorow or whenever. Oh and if I get really bored I think I’ll try and get the members age section to display real time ages accurate to the second 8) Wont that be hours of fun to sit and watch! Hopefuly there wont be too many more of these ‘site update’ updates..

23:OCTOBER:2001 – drachs: I added colour to the site today! I think thats about as astheticly pleasing this site will get. Maybe some subtle flash additions to give it a little something. Hopefuly some semi-regular updates about general shit and some nice additions to the demo section will be enough to make this site almost worth being :)

22:OCTOBER:2001 – drachs: Ok, this post is just to test how easy it is to update. Especially if theres going to be newbies screwing up my html >:|

21:OCTOBER:2001drachs: Hello, I thought I’d have a go at making one of these “simple”style pages. Why? Because I can’t sleep :/ But I think the result is kinda sexy, so I’m happy.


Earlier website for Satan’s Dawt: Australian Quake 2 clan


Satan’s Dawt IRC Stats


Satan’s Dawt International Fan Club


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