Australian Quake Clan: Bananas in Pyjamas

"A3 - Armegeddon 3 - Brissi Convention Center. Here are some photo's so you can put some faces to the people who have been slaughtering you over the past year. My GF's camera was FUBARED, and my photo's of [HF] & [BW] stuffed up :( A 36 roll and I end up half a dozen photos.... Heres what we salvaged..... Bro, came 1st and Trog 2nd. Seven and blade missed they're finals hopes by a single frag... doh! Zhakrin[B2] (yes I can spell it) came in the Top 16. And I, well...... took alot of photos :). Why hold it at such an expensive location and make us poor quakers shell out for it, instead of a couple big sponsors (or cheaper location) is beyond me. First prize was 3dfx Monster Card, and Sidewinder joystick but we're in it for the fun and the glory not for the prize-money...."

Drachs Australia Quake 2 Maps / Backshooters Forum on Hacking Maps

Backshooters Forum: Hacking Maps, November 2003 In 2003, Jester called out drachs for modding his map jlib "Lessons in Brutality" without permission: "This message is for Drachs. Do not decompile my maps and then change something to suit you. If you ask for permission that is something else, but do not do it without asking …

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