Quake 2 Kick Mod, by Doyoon Kim

Quake 2 Kick Mod by Doyoon Kim

Welcome to the Quake 2 Kick homepage. Kick is a Quake 2 teamplay mod similar to soccer. See the ‘About’ Section for details!

Quake II Extremities! 

Kick v1.1 [Latest Kick Server Version: 1.22g (10/5/99)] is included in the retail Id product Quake II Extremities Netpack 1! Extremities includes Action Quake 2, Jailbreak, Rocket Arena 2, CHAOS Deathmatch, Eraser bot, Capture!, QWar2, Red Rover, Powerball, CTF, and Rail Arena. It also contains deathmatch maps by Sten ‘Ztn’ Uusvali and Daniel ‘Trebz’ Nolan as well as player model and skins by Rowan ‘Sumaleth’ Crawford.

So, if you’ve enjoyed playing any of these great mods then please help support the mod authors and buy the cd! You’ll also get a cool Quake 3 Arena poster!

Screenshot of the Week – 9/22/99

“Dribble dribble…”

November 23, 1999 – News

Hi, I’ve been away from the Quake scene for the last few weeks so there’s not much to update. I removed the old Ultimate Bulletin Board and put up a better ezboard. I also heard today that Quake 3 Arena is finished! When it’s released I’ll probably start working on Quake 3 Kick Arena. If you have any ideas then post them in the new message board.

Also, if you’re having a hard time finding players on a server then there is a neat software called Server Watch that will monitor any Quake 2 server and will notify you as soon as someone enters the game.

I haven’t heard anything from the ASKL guys for a while now so I guess it’s not going to happen.

October 5, 1999 – Kick2 Map Remake + Bug Fixed

Hey, I finished a new (but not really new) map. It’s a remake of the old kick2 map. It’s available in the download section. Here’s a screenshot:

Kick 2: The Revenge

I also fixed the bug in the Jump Kick map that allowed one team to enter the other team’s locker room. The new server code v1.22g that fixes this is available for download.

September 23, 1999 – New Map!

I have released a new Kick map called Jump Kick. Here’s a screenshot:

Jump Kick!

September 22, 1999 – New Message Board + New Server Code

Well, I put up a new kick message board. You can access it from the menu. I also have a new Kick server version 1.22f that fixes a few bugs.

September 14, 1999 – MOTW and Servers

Kick is Planetquake’s mod of the week! You can now play Kick on PQ’s motw server and beat up Lowtax while your at it. I also updated the servers.txt that lists the Kick servers available.

September 13, 1999 – Another Map!

Well, I spent the last two days making a unique map for Kick, and here it is! It’s an old western themed map named Wild Wild Kick. You’ll need a fast computer for this map since it’s heavy on the polygons. I have two different links available for download. One is with high res textures for people with the fast 16+mb 3d cards. The other is with low res textures for people who have old voodoo2’s or something like that. Here’s a screenshot.

Wild Wild Kick!

September 10, 1999 – New KICK Map + New Server Code

It’s time to release yet another new official Kick map. This one is called Kick Central. Be sure to download the latest server code v1.22b beta if you want to run a server with this map or else it won’t work properly. The linux version is available also. Here’s a screenshot of the map:

Kick Central

September 3, 1999 – Updated Ball Model

Hey, today is KICK’s one year anniversary. Anyways, I made a new ball model to replace the old ball model. It’s basically the same ball with a higher polygon count so it’s more round. Here’s a pic comparing the old and new ball. You can download it here. Just overwrite the old ball when you unzip it into your quake2/kick dir.

September 1, 1999 – New Kick Server DLL

A new Kick server dll v1.22 beta for windows is available for download. I’ll try to get a Linux version soon.

August 26, 1999 – New KICK Map!

It’s time to release my new and official KICK map called HAMMERtown Arena made specifically for the folks at hammertown.net You can dl it from the download section. Here’s a screenshot:

HAMMERtown Arena

August 13, 1999 – An Update!?

It’s been a long time eh? Anyways, Hammertown’s Kick server is back. You can visit Hammer’s nice web page at hammertown.net and play Kick on his server while it’s still up.

Also, the XAC2002 Homepage has posted some screenshots from Kick (click on pics button). You can even watch a RealVideo recording of a Kick match (click on the demo button).

Btw, I might release an small update to the server code with improved ball physics soon. It should hopefully fix the ball from sometimes getting ‘stuck’ while trying to kick it off ramps like in the azarena map.


December 24, 1998 – Another mod

In case you’ve been wondering what I’ve been doing the last few months, well, I’ve been working on another team play mod called Rob the Strogg with the guys at Twisted Matrix. Anyways, it’s done and has been released. Go check it out.

December 20, 1998 – New Kick Server Update v1.2

Well, there’s a new Kick dll for server operators to download. V1.2 Beta now adds three additional camera modes including chasecam, headcam, and trackcam. It also improves assist recognition and fixes a crash bug.

November 13, 1998 – Help Wanted

Hey, I’m looking to form a team of talented and dedicated people to help work on mods and perhaps even Kick v2.0 later on. I need mappers, skinners, modelers, and sound guys. If you’re interested then email me.

October 26, 1998 – Kick in Quake II Extremities!

I’m extremely happy to be able to announce that Kick v1.1 was chosen by Id Software as one of the many great mods to be included in the retail cd Quake II Extremities Netpack 1. I’d like to thank Id Software for being such a cool company for recognizing all the hard work and efforts that the mod authors put into making these mods.

Also, all three of big0ne’s Kick maps will be included with Kick v1.1 in Q2 Extremities.

October 14, 1998 – New Stuff

Both the Linux and Solaris ports of the Kick v1.1 server are now available for download. There’s also a new map by >BC>neXus called Kick Castle. You can download it here.

Kick Castle!

In other news, Kick is now available for play on the Multiplay gaming service in Australia.

October 11, 1998 – Kick Server v1.1

The Kick server dll v1.1 is done and out of beta! Linux versions will be out soon.

October 8, 1998 – Featured Screenshots

Hey I added a new feature to the web page called “Screenshot of the Week”. If you’d like to help contribute with some worthy pictures then email me.

October 4, 1998 – New map!

It’s time to release my new Kick map called Kick Station. You can download it here. Ialso updated the server DLL to v1.1 beta 18 in the Downloads section. You must have v1.1 beta 18+ if you want to run Kick Station on your server since I added new code that this map uses.

October 3, 1998 – Kick on Ice?

Hey hockey fans, check out this new Kick map called Bloody Ice by MeatHead! You can download it from the GibBall web page.

Not only that, there is another ice rink Kick map made by Gaia called The Rink available here. Now if someone would only make a figure skating mod… hmmm…

And I’ll be releasing my new Kick map in a couple days from now so check back soon.

September 26, 1998 – Clan Matches + New Map!

There’s a new clan called Clan Voltage looking to play some clan Kick matches. If you’re interested then visit the Clan Voltage web page.

September 19, 1998 – New Kick Map by big0nes

big0nes released a new Kick map called Outpost today. You can download it from here as soon as the mirrors are updated.

September 23, 1998 – Yet Another New Map by big0nes

Big0nes released yet another new Kick map called Aztec Arena. It’s currently running on the GibBall Kick server and you can download it from the GibBall web page.

The GibBall Kick server is running a new Kick map in its cycle called Kicking Back by big0nes. You can download it from the GibBall web page.

Also, I’m still looking for more mappers to make new maps for a official Kick map pack addon so let me know if you’re interested!

September 10, 1998 – Servers List + Solaris Ports


I added a list of servers. Just click on the ‘Servers’ on the left. There are currently four that I know of and they were all up the last time I checked.

Solaris ports of Kick have been released by Solar Eclipse. Go grab it from their web page.

September 8, 1998 – Bugs killed

Hey, I finally fixed the ‘No such skin #’ bug. The new server dll (v1.1b3) is available for download so be sure to get it if you want to run a server.

Here is a Gamespy tab and a PingTool filter you can download for Kick.

September 7, 1998 – Server update

There is a new server dll update available for download(v1.1beta). This update is only for server operators and should hopefully fix most of the bugs. It also uses a new kick.ini format so be sure to replace or modify your old ones.

I’m looking for mappers willing to create some good maps for an official map addon. You may have noticed that maps 1, 3, and 4 are way too small, and I want really big maps suitable for battleball/kickball games.


September 3, 1998 – Welcome Everyone!

Welcome everyone to a brand new web page and Quake 2 mod. Kick v1.0 has finally been released to the public. Go grab it from the ‘Download’ section!



About Kick

The object of the game is to kick the ball into the goal. Simple huh?”


  • Sporty arena like atmosphere.
  • Scoreboards in the map.
  • Four different modes of gameplay.
  • Ability to use custom ball models.
  • Two ball models included.
  • Players wear helmets and hats (vhat!).
  • Helmets and hats can be knocked off!
  • Team Deathmatch mode! You can play regular team deathmatch on any quake 2 map.
  • Ability to play custom .wav sounds from your player to others around you.
  • Ability for servers to cycle maps with different configuration settings.
  • TONS of server options such as (see readme.txt):
    • preset weapon configurations
    • ability kick dead bodies and heads around
    • ability to (physically) kick other players
    • adjustable ball expiration times
    • custom server welcome messages
    • custom goal sounds
    • turn frag and goal bonuses on or off
    • make spectators invisible
    • optional big gibs
    • play any wav during level intermission
  • No keys to bind. Jump right in and play!

The Teams

To join a team, press TAB to enter the menu and choose either the Blue or Orange team. You can also choose to be a spectator. Spectators have the option of watching in the stands or changing to freecam mode by pressing the fire button.

Kicking the ball

There are no keys to bind in order to kick a ball. All you do is run up to the ball and it will be kicked in the direction you are facing.

The balls will also be kicked in the direction of your pitch angle (up/down). So if you look up, the ball will be kicked upwards. Mouselook is highly recommended

The Gametypes

The gametypes can be chosen by the server for each individual map. Press tab for the menu to see which ‘Gametype:’ the current game is set to.

Gametype 1: Fragball

If you kill(and gib) a player from the other team, a ball will be created in the color of the opposing team. To score, you must then kick your opponents’ colored balls into their goals.

Gametype 2: Battleball

One neutral grey ball will be created and both teams must battle to score it in each others goals. A twenty second countdown will begin to start the game when both teams have players.

Gametype 3: Kickball

Same as gametype 2 (Battleball) except weapons will not harm any players. You can still however fire your weapons to affect the ball.

Gametype 4: Team Deathmatch

Deathmatch as teams. All frags will be part of the team’s total score. You can deathmatch on ANY Quake 2 map. (in case you don’t like kicking balls around)



Doyoon Kim – Created the mod and did the programming, maps, models, skins, graphics, design, and whatever else that was necessary including this webpage.

Additional Thanks to:
big0nes – Made the great additional Kick maps: KICKBACK, AZARENA, and OUTPOST.



Quake 2 Kick Mod Levels Currently Running on HAMMERtown Server

HAMMERtown Arena! 
Author: GreenMachine

What an honor! GreenMachine, Kick’s author, made a map for Kick dedicated to the folks here at HAMMERtown! It is the damn nicest map I’ve seen yet too! Some of the regulars here have their names on the lockers in the team rooms too :) Thanks Greeny!

Kick Central 
Author: Doyoon Kim

This map is unreal! The railgun turrets are innovative and a blast to operate! Watch out when you try to score around here, you just might end up looking like swiss cheese!

Kicking Back 
Author: Big 0nes

This map is a long connection of hallways that make for a lot of travelling with the ball. It’s really hard to score when the other team is on D tho :)

Kick Castle 
Author: >BC>neXus

This map is great! It’s small, fast, and furious, and really makes for some tough maneuvering around the corner by the goal. I really dig making goals by kicking the ball over the stairway wall right into the goal!

The Outpost 
Author: Big 0nes

This map is fun. Another one of the long hallway-based maps, this one makes for some really fun multiplayer team games.

The Aztec Arena 
Author: Big 0nes

My favorite map for Kick, this one is a classic. It’s arena-style design and multilevel setup make it a perfect map for skillfully defending your goal from opponents. The goalie has fun with this one :)

Kick Station 
Author: Doyoon Kim

This one is by Kick’s creator, Doyoon Kim. The design is excellent! As an added bonus, there are guns on turrets above each goal entrance that actually WORK! They do a lot of damage too :)


PlanetQuake Mod of the Week: Kick for Quake 2


PlanetQuake: An Interview with Doyoon of Kick, by Lowtax

Lowtax: Please describe the theme behind “Kick”. What sets this mod apart from all others?

Doyoon – Well, there are tons of mods out there but most of them are either unfinished, ctf hacks, or just plain crap. ;) Kick is a completely new teamplay mod and is just plain different. It offers a sports like atmosphere with two teams where the central objective is to kick the ball into the other team’s goal. There are no rules or refs to stop the game and guns are allowed. In other words, it’s soccer with weapons.

Lowtax: What coding background / previous experience have you had?

Doyoon – Well, Kick was my first Quake 2 project, but I was already proficient in programming C so it was no problem getting into it. I wanted to learn how to fool around with the Quake 2 code so I started making a simple modification that allowed skulls to be kicked around. Add balls, teams, goals, and maps, and it eventually became Kick. It took only two months to complete which is kind of rare these days since there are teams of people making mods that never get done over years. The biggest obstacle for me was probably making the maps since my only previous experience with maps were four Doom levels that I did a long time ago. After Kick, I did the programming for another mod called Rob the Strogg.

Lowtax: What improvements have you made in this version?

Doyoon – Basically I added new ball physics, gun turrets, and more maps. I could probably do a lot more, but I’d rather save it for Q3A (see next question)

Lowtax: What are the future plans for Kick? Are you planning on porting it to Q3A?

Doyoon – Yes indeed! I plan to port Kick over to Q3A as soon as it’s released. I have a bunch of new ideas, but nothing is final yet. I don’t want to get too ambitious or else it would take forever to make the mod by myself. If anyone wants to help out then contact me.

Lowtax: Any tips / strategies you’d like to offer for Kick players?

Doyoon – Yeah, the most frequently asked question is, “how do you kick the ball longer?”. Most newbies don’t bother to read the instructions and can only dribble the ball around. To kick higher, all you have to do is look up. There aren’t any keys to bind so once you figure it out it becomes very easy and natural. And if you get good, you can do headers and stuff.

Another simple tip is to have a good defense. The best players I’ve seen are usually very good goalies. They can simultaneously defend the goal by blocking shots and fragging the other team at the same time. It also helps to have a low ping. :)

And lastly, just have fun. Go ahead and scream “goooal!!” after you score, but just dont go around taking off your shirt like that girl on the u.s.a. women’s soccer team.

Thanks alot Doyoon, keep making more kickass maps for Kick!



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