Quake 2 Kick Mod, by Doyoon Kim

Quake 2 Kick Mod by Doyoon Kim Welcome to the Quake 2 Kick homepage. Kick is a Quake 2 teamplay mod similar to soccer. See the 'About' Section for details! Quake II Extremities!  Kick v1.1 [Latest Kick Server Version: 1.22g (10/5/99)] is included in the retail Id product Quake II Extremities Netpack 1! Extremities includes …

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Digital Paint: Splatcon, July 3-5, 1998 and DPCon, January 9-10, 1999

Digital Paint, the makers of Paintball 2 for Quake 2 would like to announce their Lan Party to be held on January 9th and 10th 1999. This party will be held in Greenbelt Maryland. The party will be hosted by the makers of Dpcon and other important members of the community. The weekened which will cost $30 will be held at the Courtyard by Marriot, and sponsored by ICE, Headgames, Creative Carnage and Outlaw Paintball and Supply. More sponsors to come! The weekend will also be the release date of the highly anticipated Beta 5 of Digital Paint. We expect to have 50 people in attendence so stop by today to sign up before you miss your chance.