sKiLL’s Theory on Q2CTF RailwarZ

Welcome to my THEORY Page. This section is small, but very important, so please read. I wrote it to help clarify any questions you might have pertaining to positions and binds. I hope they help.

Before any matches/scrims, you should always reboot your computer. You don’t want to crash during a match or a scrim. Also shut down ICQ when playing in a match. ICQ lags, you probably don’t notice it but it does. Run a pre-practice before the match/scrim, or go play in a public game to warm-up for the match/scrim. Always show respect and good sportsmanship to the other team and it’s members. When in the match/scrim, DON’T ready up, until your team mates are ready and you have been assigned a position.

Defensive Strategies.

Here, I will explain to you some defensive theory’s.

When playing defense, there are four defensive spots. You MUST use these spots if you are assigned Permanant Defense. When using these spots, don’t move out of them and wonder around the base. Pick a spot, stay there and make your own little boundary. The four defensive spots are:

This spot is used to guard the flag, main entrance and doorway, making sure that no one gets to the flag.

This spot guards the flag mainly, and the defender should BE seen. It will distract the on coming enemy while others take aim. In this spot, you can either look straight or to the side. Guarding doors, ramps, and elevators.

This spot also guards the flag mainly, and the defender should NOT seen. This will enable you to surprise the oncoming enemy. In this spot, you can either look straight or to the side. Guarding doors, ramps, and elevators.

Pick one of the dark corners or staircases in the base. Either one guards the flag, main entrance and ramps. Don’t jump down from this spot unless the enemy captures our flag or is on his way to capping.

There are three types of DEFENSIVE positions:





Defense in general is easy. You don’t have to move around that much, and all you have do to is stay FOCUSED. In this position, you grab yourself a defensive spot and guard the base. If you get railed and the flag is still held at your base, get your ass back on defense ASAP. If the flag is taken, NEVER go to the enemy’s base unless you see the enemy FC. Other then that, head back to your base and wait for your flag to be returned.


This defensive strategy is easy. All you do is roam around the base like you own it, and rail whom ever you wish without getting in the other defensemen’s way. If the flag is gone, retrieve it by using middle, halls, water, or going to the EFC’s base (not recommended Floating Defense should handle that).


This is a fun position to have. But you must have exceptional aim and must be FAST. The hook should be your specialty, cause you’ll be the one chasing the EFC in order to return your flag. You’ll need to float in the enemy’s base and halls preventing the EFC from capping. Once your flag has been returned head back to the enemy’s base and disrupt their defense. Don’t ever leave the enemy’s area to cap their flag, unless none of your Offensive players have grabbed their flag and you can’t wait any longer.

Offensive Strategies

There are two types of OFFENSIVE positions:




This strategy involves aim, knowledge of the map, experience and most of all, speed. Your primary objective is to get the flag, don’t try fighting off the defensemen that much. Hook your way right out of there and try to cap the flag. As fast as you can. If you have the flag and your flag is gone, I suggest not waiting at base unless you know 100% that it’s safe. If the base is not safe, hide with the flag. If you do not have the flag but your team mate does, either escort him to base and protect him, or go retrieve the flag so your team can cap.


This position is fun. Your primary objective is to shoot down the defensemen so the permanent offender can get the flag easier. Once the permanent offender has the flag, you either protect the flag carrier, or just roam around screwing up the other teams plans by not letting them get their defense settled, staying in there base, etc. Remember, you can also go for the flag. But it’s not recommended. If your team’s flag is gone, return it fast.

Binds are very important in team matches/scrims.

They help team members communicate with each other. It is understood that all players should have the following team say commands in their console script or in their Q2 config folders, found in their Q2/baseq2 folder and in their Q2/ctf folder. If you disagree with one of them, or have a suggestion on how to make them better, by all means do so. For now, however, you should use these ones cause they are basic and will greatly help your team out in the long run.

bind “say_team Affirmative”
bind “say_team Negative”

bind “say_team Is base secure???”
bind “say_team Base is under attack! Need help now!”
bind “say_team Base is secure! Bring in the flag.”

bind “say_team Searching for EFC to return our flag.”
bind “say_team Need help in the middle now.”

bind “say_team -=Defense=- %L With %N And With %W.”
bind “say_team -=Offense=- %L With %N And With %W.”

bind “say_team Enemies incoming through MAIN entrance.”
bind “say_team Enemies incoming through WATER.”

bind “say_team Enemy FLAG CARRIER escaping through MAIN entrance.”
bind “say_team Enemy FLAG CARRIER escaping through WATER.”

I hope some my Theorys help you understand how to play the game better. A team or Clan will always respect a player who holds his position well, at all times, and who doesn’t need to be told what to do. Knowing the game is the first step, but understanding it is the key to winning.


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