Beast Within, Bodos Mountain, City of Angels

We have identified 3 more maps that are missing from public Q2CTF map collections. They were spied on the Quake 2 Railwarz clan, “The Saints” archived website from what would be the tail end of the golden era, around 2002.  The maps are part of the q2ctf-rs series:

q2ctf1rs.bsp – The Flight of the Raven
q2ctf2rs.bsp – RiverStyx Crossing
q2ctf3rs.bsp – Smack Dab GIZZed
q2ctf4rs – Beast Within *missing map
q2ctf5rs – Bodos Mountain *missing map
q2ctf6rs – City of Angels *missing map

Anyone with information please get in touch. Here is a link to The Saints’ Q2 (archived) website:

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