Riding the Rocket

Riding the Rocket jump skillz from http://www.g-a-m-e.org/rtr/


A lot of people have contributed to the development of this site – either directly or indirectly – and I felt it would be a Good Thing to give them all credit here. I have probably missed out many people, but here is everyone I can think of at the moment (in no particular order):
Elih ‘caulfield’ Brading – caulfield, as you probably know, did almost all the images you see on the RtR site. He has also made numerous suggestions regarding the site, its contents and the layout.
Anthony Bailey – Anthony, famous for the Quake done Quick series (I got the little ‘d’ right this time :), would arguably be the most fanatical guy when it comes to Quake II physics. This guy must spend all of his free time sitting down working out the mathematics behind bunnyhopping or doublejumping or – more recently – cratejumping… his works on physics give logical reasoning to what most people take for granted. Without him, we would be in the dark about a lot of the tricks you see featured on RtR – I would even go as far to say as without Anthony, some may not even have come to public knowledge.
[xeno]Julios – Juls taught me to circlejump, plain and simple :). He endured enormous demos of me desperately trying to circle my way across the infamous rocket ledge in q2dm1, telling me what I did wrong, until finally I managed to make it.
es-Scorcher – Scorcher graciously offered space on his server for Riding the Rocket – without him RtR would probably still be stuck at http://www.znet.net.au/~kajh/rtr/ :).
The PQ Quake II General Discussion mailing list – The List. Evolving from 500 newbies to 500 experienced and knowledgable Quakers, The List has been a great source of wisdom and guidance. Infact, RtR originally began as myself posting a challenge every week to the list, with Merchant I believe being the very first winner of Challenge 0-1 :). After one week RtR was born.
es-Vynn – To my knowledge, Vynn (aka Grapple Monkey :) was the very first person to discover cratejumping. However I’ll never let him live down the time where he posted to The List a link to a demo created by Vynn containing the q2dm1 doublejump-to-mega. The reason? That was also the very first demo of that jump – and both Vynn and myself discovered it at exactly the same time. My message – sitting in my Outbox – contained a similar link, to a demo created by me, of the very same jump.. and Vynn the bastard beat me to it =).
Phil ‘Overman’ Rice – Overman, who now owns and runs Zarathustra Studios, has supported Riding the Rocket from day one and released the truly excellent movie Ride That Rocket! ’98, featuring a recammed collection of all the winning RtR entries from 1998, complete with music score.
[TPF]Grimreaper – Grim first suggested the idea of a Bot League, which was originally going to be a tournament between the two of us until others started wanting ‘in’ :).

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