Doover’s Handgrenade Guide for Quake II

"Everyone says how you use a rail gun properly, and the famous BFG triangle of death tutorials, but no-one ever pays such a hand sized, ball of TNT its dues. . . well, I do!" - The Doover Quake II Challenge Website — Riding the Rocket, by s8n

"Welcome to Riding the Rocket. Riding the Rocket is a Quake II challenge website - each week an easy and a hard challenge is posted, and players submit demos of them attempting the challenge with (usually) the most stylish entrant winning. The challenges generally involve some sort of trickjump, being a simple rocketjump or doublejump to a more advance circlejump or bunnyhop. An ongoing bot challenge section also features, where the current high-scorer must be dethroned. Also, viewers can submit challenges any time and if they're suitable, will feature as a future weekly challenge."