Clan of the Caveman — CureMode as a Quake soldier

“Here’s me as a Quake Soldier/Player, you can click on either character to see a Black and White VRML 3D representation. You can download a copy of CureMode.Zip which contains the MDL files for the Character and Armor replacement for Quake Registered Users. Once you do, you can play me in Single Player or Deathmatch Mode. You can get an Unpacker for the Registered Version of Quake at the Quake Stomping Grounds along with many other Quake utilities and hacks. Check out my new sections on Playing Quake over the Internet in Quake Internet Tips and about joining my new Quake Clan called Clan of the Caveman.”

“Here is a soldier and player MDL as well as some pcx’s
in a zip file. I altered them using the MDL utility I got off
a quake page and Photoshop 3.0. It’s me as a soldier and a player
I’ve been playing with alone and in deathmatch mode. The name
on the back is my nickname ‘CureMode‘ and the symbol from Watchman. I just wanted to show some fun ways to alter the figure to be a more personal opponent.”

Download the Quake 1 CureMode Mdl and Skin:

“Clan Of The Caveman (AKA The Caveman Clan) is a new Quake Player Clan which uses Captain Caveman as our mascot. I’m proud to announce that we are listed on id software’s Clan Page (Page 5). Check out our Member List to see the current members. We play on AdRock’s Beastie Boy Server at IP from time to time. Look for a “-CC” to identify any of the Caveman Members playing. If your interested in joining please E-mail CureMode@Aol.Com right away so the Clan can consider your member request. If you become a member I will keep you up to date on the time and IP address of any matches coming up. Please be sure you have a good Internet connection and do not already belong to a Clan. I have created a Caveman MDL that may be added to a new Multiskin Clan Version. Soon our Clan may actually look like Captain Caveman (click to see the WRL). You can download Caveman.Zip which contains the Player MDLs. All Caveman members can get the Clan T-shirt for $8 (single sided) or $12 (double sided), to cover the cost of the T-shirts and Color Bubble Jet Transfers, plus $3 Shipping.”

“Here are the MDLs for The Clan of the Caveman (AKA The Caveman Clan)… I tested them using Mdled 1.5 and created MDLs with them, so they should be fine. You need to unpack your Quake Reg Pak file with an unpacker and put these in your id1/progs directory. Please back up the originals before coping these there. I created this for the new Clan I’m putting together, The Clan of the CaveMan, and hopefully it will be included in a new Clan Multiskin Version… Hope you like it, -Chris Feehan

Download the Quake 1 Caveman Mdl and Skin:

“Hi, I’m CureMode from AOL and DWANGO. This is my new Site on New World Data’s Icebox Online, which will hopefully free me from AOL’s Evil Grip. Here on my Page you will find links to some of my favorite topics and sites. They include Bands, TV shows, Movies, and Quake info. Check out my new Quake section for info on the game and The Clan of The Caveman. I wish I could store all this stuff locally but my Server space is limited. Check out my Resume, I am a Multimedia Specialist and Consultant. If you know of any opportunities in the New York / Manhattan area please pass them along to me at…”*/*

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