Clan of the Caveman — CureMode as a Quake soldier

"Hi, I'm CureMode from AOL and DWANGO. This is my new Site on New World Data's Icebox Online, which will hopefully free me from AOL's Evil Grip. Here on my Page you will find links to some of my favorite topics and sites. They include Bands, TV shows, Movies, and Quake info. Check out my new Quake section for info on the game and The Clan of The Caveman. I wish I could store all this stuff locally but my Server space is limited. Check out my Resume, I am a Multimedia Specialist and Consultant. If you know of any opportunities in the New York / Manhattan area please pass them along to me at..."

Clan of the Caveman — Anointment Certification as the Clan of the Caveman

"We, Clan of the Caveman, testify here, that we are indeed Clan of the Caveman. We will face our enemies with eyes wide open preared to frag or be fragged. We swear that even if gibbed we will not dishonor the... members of our clan. When we strafe through corridors of stone, we will hold our heads high and our weapons at the ready."

Clan of the Caveman — BattleLAN, Newburgh NY, 1998

"We made it to BattleLAN in Newburgh, NY, it was our first Quake 2 event of 98'. We would like to thank Jesse 'BenReeper' Sutton and all his pals for organizing the event. Jesse is trying to organize future BattleLANs and hoping to make it a regular event, you can contact him at for more information or click the BattleLAN logo above."